Dig Dug Tournament Roundup

On Sunday May 27th at the MCM Expo in London, Namco Bandai and ShiftyLook held a Dig Dug Tournament to celebrate the game’s 30th anniversary, which ShiftyLook are commemorating with a series of webcomics. The tournament featured a host of ShiftyLook webcomic artists, writers, fans and a special surprise guest. We have a a rundown of the tournament available below if you missed it, or if you just want to see how you did.

Before starting it was announced that if a fan achieved the day’s highest score, they would get a drawing of themselves done and signed by one of ShiftyLook‘s talented artists.

The tournament began with Ben McCool and Dean Haspiel from The Five- Dimensional Adventures Of Dirk Davies, which is based on the old game Warp & Warp. They were joined by Jim Zub from Ace Kid and Matt Moylan from Bravoman.

The competitors were given a five minute time limit and a single life to get as high a score as they could by pumping underground monsters full of air until they explode.

Matt opened with a score of 2840, with Ben following and getting a rather less impressive 120 points. It was then decided that this would be a practice round for the ShiftyLook guests and that the number of lives awarded would be raised to three for the rest of the tournament.

Dean then took the controller and managed a score of 2730. While he was playing, Dax Gordine from Bravoman arrived along with the legendary Marv Wolfman. Dax used a strategy of focusing on killing the enemies when they ventured above ground and managed to reach 9110 points. Marv then followed, earning a score of 4030.

When Ben came up for his second attempt it was pointed out that, as the only UK representative within the ShiftyLook guests, he was essentially our Olympic representative in what they started to dub the “Dig Dug Olympics.” He raised the bar with a high score of 12070.

Matt then pushed that score up to 12300. He was followed by Jim with a score of 7940 and Dean with a score of 10440. At this point they started to invite audience members up from the crowd to take part and compete for a signed drawing of themselves by a ShiftyLook artist. What follows is a roundup of the audience competitors and their scores.

Adam from Algeria 10450

Ash from Doncaster 9100

Laura from Bournemouth 9170

Louis from Cyprus 19080

Martin 6430

At this point, a special guest entered to try his luck in the tournament. Area 11 lead singer and keytarist Sparkles” took to the stage and got a score of 14070 (while having his own music played in his ear). He told people that his music can be found at area-11.co.uk. We then returned to the audience members.

Aslan 21740, later revised to 21770

Solomon from Tooting 3860

Nathan from London 8470

Oliver from London 7950

Oliver from Chichester 13790

Maria 14740

Rob 19970

The top three contestants, Aslan, Rob and Louis were then invited up on stage and congratulated on their scores.

What did you think of the tournament? Were you there? Could you have done better? Let us know in the comments below. If you wish to know more about ShiftyLook and see their new Dig Dug comic series, then visit Shiftylook.com.

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