Assassin’s Creed Movie announced

It was a while back that Ubisoft funded and created Ubisoft Motion Pictures and although it has only now surfaced again to the light of day, it had never really strayed too far from gamers’ thoughts.

Detailed in an exclusive to Variety magazine, Ubisoft Motion Pictures officially announced not only the production of an Assassin’s Creed movie but also that the sci-fi star Michael Faasbender (recently made famous by his roles in X-Men Origins and Prometheus) will be co-producing and feature in the film itself. Overall Faasbender has made quite a name for himself in recent years and it helps forecast great things for Ubisoft Motion Pictures’ first project. 

As many may know, Assassin’s Creed focuses on the story of Desmond, a modern day assassin who re-lives his ancestor’s memories through a machine called the Animus. Fighting a secretive order known as the Templars, it’s up to the young assassin to discover the secrets of the past and defeat a now worldwide corporation that’s hell-bent on dominating the minds of mankind. More than enough to get the avid gamer intrigued and as Ubisofts’ most successful franchise, the series really has succeeded.

However, as to whether the motion picture will follow this plot or perhaps explore some of the many different avenues that are available still remains to be seen. With short ‘live action’ mini movies, graphic novels, fully published books and a creative studio which has excelled in arts and crafts of many forms; there are plenty of design ideas to choose from, let alone create their own.

Understandably a large portion of the series’ fans may be more alarmed than overjoyed at the news, when film producers previous attempts to create game to movie tie-ins have either been god awful or just unwatchable (yes I’m looking at you Bloodrayne and Doom). But it’s through these darkened streets we can see the white light as Ubisoft Motion Pictures will plan and develop the film independently, maintaining creative control and hopefully ensuring the same high level of quality which the series has already offered.

Overall it has been a good start as not only are Ubisoft Motion Pictures delighted in telling us all how Faasbender was their first choice, but even actor Phillip Shahbaz, who originally voice acts Altair, the series’ original protagonist, quoted Faasbender as a good contender for a main role only last year at a panel held during the October MCM Expo 2011 event. With a prediction of that accuracy perhaps someone was tapping into the Apple after all?

We’ll keep our eagle eyes on this one as we get more info and due to the upcoming launch of Assassin’s Creed 3 later this October, we expect Ubisoft will be glad to reveal some more information soon.

Source: Variety

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