Ken Watanabe to headline Japanese remake of Unforgiven

Normally we’re used to American studios buying up the rights to Asian films to remake for the west, a practice that usually results in complaints from fans saying that they’ll never be as good as the originals (in some cases they’re often right). So it’s interesting to suddenly see this the other way around.

Clint Eastwood’s Oscar winning western Unforgiven will be undergoing a Japanese remake, with writer/director Lee Sang-il having put forward the idea to Time Warner Japan last year. The film is now set to start shooting later this autumn, going under the title Yurusarezaru Mono, which roughly translates to A Thing That Can’t Be Forgiven.

Set in 1880, Ken Watanabe, star of Inception and The Last Samurai, will take on the lead role of a samurai with a violent past who resides in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido with his wife. However, his reputation brings a visitor offering him one final job. The film was also star Koichi Sato (Sukiyaki Western Django), taking on the role of Gene Hackman’s character Little Bill, as well as Akira Emoto (Villain) playing the part of Morgan Freeman’s Ned Logan.

Released back in 1992, Eastwood’s film was the winner of four Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Sang-il’s Yurusarezaru Mono is set to be released in Japan in 2013.

What do you think of a Japanese remake? Can you imagine how the final scene will play out with swords instead of gunplay?

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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