Red Dwarf X Episode Titles Leaked

For many Red Dwarf fans, the new ending to the adventure provided by the crew’s return to Earth was not the return they had hoped for. When a new final series was later announced, currently called Red Dwarf X, many people hoped this would be the true send off the series deserved.

Details on the series have been kept fairly effectively under wraps, but we finally have some information in the form of a leaked list of full episode titles for the series.

1. Trojan
2. Fathers and Suns
3. Lemons
4. Entanglement
5. Dear Dave
6. The Beginning

While we can’t learn much from this list, the most interesting episode title is episode 6, “The Begnining”. The original 1988 pilot of Red Dwarf was titled “The End”, which not only sets up this season finale to be a proper end to the series, but also suggests that it could see the series come full circle in some way.

What do you think of this news? Could this be a way for the series to get a definitive end? Did the cast’s return to Earth effect your desire to watch more Red Dwarf? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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