Wii U release date leaked?

So the release date for Nintendo’s Wii U console appears to have been accidentally leaked by the gaming accessory company, PDP Gaming.

A GameStop managers’ conference was held in Texas today (27th August), where many companies promote their upcoming titles or accessories to store managers. Such events are largely devoid of anything newsworthy. However a representative for PDP appeared to cause a major slip up when they revealed that their range of accessories for the Wii U would be available to purchase just a few days before the console is launched on November 18th. Apparently when the rep realised what they had done, they quickly attempted to change the topic (an action which probably just added further proof that this might actually be fact). 

Nintendo have so far refused to comment about this. If November 18th does turn out to be true then it would appear that they intend to launch the console just a few days before Black Friday, traditionally seen as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US.

Adding further weight to this is Nintendo’s previous release dates when they launched their former consoles across North America. Nintendo had previously launched the Wii on a Sunday on November 19th, back in 2006. The console before that was the Gamecube, released on November 18th in 2001 (also a Sunday).

Nintendo will be holding a Wii U press event on September 13th in New York City, where it’s strongly believed that they will officially announce the release date of the console, the price, as well as the launch line up of games.

Nintendo have said that they intend to release the Wii U worldwide before the end of 2012, though it’s unlikely that the console will launch across all territories on the same date (it’s highly doubtful that it will launch in the UK on a Sunday).

So a big blunder on PDP’s part, but for everyone else, it at least gives you an idea as to how long you might have left to save your money… only we don’t quite know just how much you have to save up.

Do you think this release date will turn out to be fact come Nintendo’s press conference? How close to this date do you think the Wii U will launch in the UK? Are you even interested in purchasing a Wii U?

Source: Kotaku | NeoGAF

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