Uncanny Avengers Liveblog reveals new information

Marvel are gearing up for the launch of their line of Marvel NOW! comics and on Friday night (August 3st) Marvel hosted an Uncanny Avengers Liveblog. Writer Rick Remender and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort joined fans to answer their questions and offer up some juicy information.

For starters it looks like X-Man Havoc will be taking the role of team leader (whether he likes it or not). It’ll be interesting to see how he gets the job and you have to wonder why Captain America doesn’t take up the role himself.

There should be plenty of great character drama too. Rick Remender said “Each one of the characters has a solid reason for being here and a character arc.” Wanda isn’t getting the respect she deserves and Rogue isn’t dealing with “certain events” well. Having two potentially dangerous characters going through such issues could be very problematic for the team.

To make matters worse it seems the Red Skull is turning his Nazi sensibilities against the mutants. An old Captain America villain turning on mutants? It sounds as if the whole series will be a real mix of the X-Men world and the world of The Avengers. As Rick Remender puts it, “This will look and feel like a classic X-Men or classic Avengers book, but modern and also mashed together, like a chocolate/vanilla swirly cone.” And the Red Skull won’t be the only villain to feature. “The second arc revolves around a big X-Men villain.”

Most intriguing of all the liveblog’s news was that the six characters we have been shown so far are not the only characters to be on the team. So who would you like to see in Uncanny Avengers? And who do you think that big X-Men villain will be?


Source: Marvel.com

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