Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Extended trailer

So only last week, the world was given the sneaky release of information surrounding the new Metal Gear game. With information leaking faster than a MGS: Sons of Liberty plot, it was never going to be long before the details were released to the public in full.

Well from what we could only guess at before we now know for certain, this game is about Big Boss, set after the events of MGS: Peace Walker. A rather massive jump from the PSP’s HD remake, it’s already looking beautiful. Perhaps the scariest aspect above all else is the seamless transition from what appears to be a pre-rendered cutscene to what is actually a real time cinematic. Having initially just released the opening trailer Konami has now released the trailer featuring gameplay. Have a look below at the video. Don’t worry, in true Metal Gear fashion; you’ll be able to sit and watch a sizeable amount of footage.

Impressive is only one way of working it! The diversity at hand when approaching tactical espionage is leagues above the old school ‘deal with these guys in this room’ as the trailer gratuitously displays the new visuals and mechanics in place.

Other than what you see not much else is known, but it’s good to know that Konami have decided to continue exploring perhaps one of the best stories within the franchise so far. While we have no idea if there will be the same epic 20 hour film footage, at least now we can rule out any crossover cameos with Metal Gear Revengeance. Sorry Raiden, cyborg ninjas apparently aren’t as popular as eye patches nowadays.

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