Microsoft Surface: A step up for gaming

It goes without saying that currently Apple’s iPad is dominating the tablet market, and with their recent success in court against Samsung, Apple has a much clearer road to the top of the sales chart.

However, nothing lasts forever and the iPad, whilst still innovative and top of the range, is no longer as new as it once was. Consumers want to see integration between devices and as the gaming industry get closer and closer to its ‘Next Gen’ launch of titles and consoles, Microsoft is putting forward the Microsoft Surface.

The tablet itself has more power and graphical processing capabilities than any tablet on the current market. Two versions will be launched, the RT and the Pro. The Pro version is set to utilise an i5 Ivy Bridge processor and strong rumours are circulating that both devices could house an Nvidia Tegra 3 or Tegra 3+ Graphics Processing Unit. This tablet will put most laptops and a fair few desktops to shame with the raw power it’s going to be pumping out. For those who want the basics; the Microsoft Surface will be able to run crisp clear footage of games and movies that the current generation of consoles provide today, giving you the same quality of the white or black box that sits in front of the TV now! Unless you are still rocking a Sega Megadrive, it will be much better than that black box.

Ultimately it’s the modern day gamer that this device will really appeal to. The ability to use the Surface as a TV screen, download programs like Steam and On Demand to play already purchased titles and the soon to be released Smartglass from Microsoft will make this device the gamers’ greatest ally. It runs Windows 8 from start-up in the same manner as a desktop will, hopefully without the same ‘jingle’.  As such limitations that the current tablet devices have in place would no longer prohibit gamers from making their purchased device; their own device. It goes without saying that the games on Google Play and Apple iStore are fun, but somewhat lacking in the ‘mentally stimulating’ department.


Couple this with the soon to be released Smartglass, It’s easy to get sucked into the world of “what if’s”. The Wii U has made a fine example of how multiple devices should integrate and how touch screen controllers can enhance gameplay. In all fairness Nintendo had nearly nailed this already with the interaction of the current 3DS and Wii. Another is the Halo Waypoint Atlas system which gives you a top down map showing teammate positions and weapons spawns in real time which adds that extra edge which all gamers love to strive for. Without entering the realms of /noclip or/amgod, we all like to push for that cool gadget which makes the gaming experience more intense. It perhaps won’t go as far as offering the same setup as the Steel Battalion control pad did for the original Xbox, but who’s to stop me from duck taping my tablet and phone to the TV for extra screens! Probably my partner or any family member you’re living with…that’s probably who.

To top it off, not only will we be nestling deep in the sofa so as to have tablets and other gadgets surrounding us giving real time data or interactivity with your console game, Microsoft Surface also opens the door to what could be full ‘asynchronous’ gaming. If you read up on this stuff elsewhere you’ll see them use this word a lot. The idea resolves around the possibility that purchasing something through the Xbox Live Marketplace could make it available for Xbox and for your Surface. While this is only a form of speculation; games for Windows Live already allows the integration of PC games with Gamertags and achievements of Xbox Live accounts. Being able to jump into a game like THQ’s Metro 2033 on the PC, sign into my Xbox Live profile, earn the achievements and talk to my friends is a fantastic gaming experience. With Surface who knows how far this could extend to. We can only wonder how far away are we from starting a level of Halo 4 in the morning before work, picking up the tablet on the way out, and completing that level on the train. At least if everyone is in the same carriage, there should be less trash talking from children!

Ultimately we can only wait and see, but right now the future is bright and it’s not orange, it’s a greenish rotational number and flat descriptive word of a kitchen worktop. The comments section is below, and you can post using your Facebook account so stop wasting time, let us know what you think. What would you love to do with your tablet device and console?

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