New Trailer for Cloud Atlas

The new trailer for Cloud Atlas was recently released (6th September) and if you haven’t seen it yet now’s your chance to.

Cloud Atlas is based on the novel of the same name by David Mitchell (not the one typically seen hanging out with Robert Webb). The book covers six different storylines, each set in a different time period with different characters that are still somehow all connected.

Far shorter than the previous five-and-a-half minute “extended first look”, this trailer has more of a focus on the “everything is connected” motif. The characters played by Tom Hanks and Halle Berry find themselves meeting over and over again across the generations and there’s a piece of music that finds its way to different people across the timelines.

Whilst trying to think of a way to make the complex narrative work for a film, The Wachowskis hit upon the idea that the actors should appear in multiple storylines. As third director Tom Tykwer puts it “playing souls, not characters.”

The directors themselves have split the duties down the middle with The Wachowskis taking the nineteenth century and two future set stories and Tykwer taking on the thirties, the seventies and the present day.

The complexity of the film and the presence of three directors were both a cause for concern with the studios. Cloud Atlas could go down in history as “the most expensive independent movie ever made.”

Its path from idea to finished article has been one fraught with struggles but here’s hoping that it will all be worth it. Cloud Atlas looks like something that is at least worth a look for being so vastly different from anything else.

The film is due to be shown today (8th September) at the Toronto International Film Festival so here’s hoping the feedback is good. It’s released in the USA and Canada on the 26th of October. Sadly UK residents will have a much longer wait, with its release here not being until the 22nd of March 2013.

Source: NewYorker

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