The Return of the Iron Chef

When was the last time you had a glimpse inside Kitchen Stadium? Back before TV was a perpetual cycle of cooking shows and Come Dine With Me clones, Iron Chef was a Japanese show in the vein of Masterchef where a plucky challenger would have to prepare a selection of dishes which would have to feature the theme ingredients of the day. Up against them would be one of the show’s Iron Chefs who would be cooking to the same requirements before a winner was chosen by a panel of judges. The show stood out because of its ridiculously over the top presentation as a battle of wits and honour between the two competitors; the detailed commentary on everything that the two chefs and their assistants were doing and because they occasionally decided to provide live fish to the competitors which would be pulled from their tanks and dispatched on camera. I really haven’t seen a show that quite captures the same sort of appeal that the dubbed original had.

Kotaku have managed to bring the fantastic news that the show is being resurrected! While the decade long break will no doubt bring changes to the format and the personalities involved, it will definitely be worth seeing how this new version stacks up against the many international versions that have been made since the original series ended. Of course, it will also be up to this new version to prove that it is a worthy successor to the Iron Chef name.

The new series of Iron Chef will begin broadcasting on Japanese TV this October, so it will probably be a while before it gets dubbed and shown in America and even longer before it arrives in the UK. But if it remains true to the original’s style of Ready Steady Cook mixed with Tekken and an inflated wardrobe budget, it will be worth waiting for.

Source: Kotaku

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