Rogue Twitter account reveals Marvel movie secrets

Rumours are spreading across the internet that Viggo Mortensen could be in talks with Marvel to play Doctor Strange in Thor: The Dark World. It’s all thanks to a Twitter account under the name @RogerWardell and these two tweets.

People put two and two together and gathered that Viggo Mortensen must be going for the role of Doctor Strange. An interesting casting choice but is there any truth to it?

The RogerWardell profile has no information connected to it. There’s the possibility that there’s a leak in Marvel or that it’s part of some cunning publicity scheme. They could also just be a very on the ball reporter throwing rumours about.

Two of his tweets were hinting at the appearance of Bucky and Falcon in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Bucky was a “well d’uh” moment for anyone that knows who the “Winter Soldier” is. But the Falcon rumour appears to be true with the character being listed on IMDB.

Another tweet suggested that Pepper Potts might get to try on an armour of her own in Iron Man 3, meaning a possible introduction of the Rescue suit:

“Inside News: Marvel is seriously considering having Pepper Potts armour up in Iron Man 3, an idea that scrapped from the previous film”

This is the strangest one. It was posted back at the start of August and even then the Iron Man crew were over halfway through shooting; too far in to be considering something so major.

A post-credit sequence seems fairly unlikely as Marvel has probably already figured out their post-credit sequences. They’ve been used in every Phase 1 film to introduce elements from the wider universe and will most likely follow the same pattern in Phase 2.

Then there’s also the fact that back at the San Diego Comic-Con, someone asked the panel for Iron Man 3 whether they would see Rescue in the future. Jon Favreau, director of the previous two films and producer of the third said that it would be great to see and that they tried to do it a couple of times. The thing is that Robert Downey Jr had no idea what they were talking about and Favreau joked that he would get him the comic book. If the main star hasn’t even heard of it then what are the chances of it making it into the film?

So is there anything of any real worth in @RogerWardell’s tweets? Are they a spy or just a prankster? Only time will tell. But for now, just stick to reading from more legitimate sources.

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