Resident Evil 6 to receive three new multiplayer modes post-launch; Xbox 360 gets them first

Capcom has confirmed on Twitter that three new multiplayer modes for Resident Evil 6 will be arriving to Xbox 360 first and PS3 and PC at a later date.

These modes are Survivors, Predator and Siege and will each be post-launch DLC, arriving after the worldwide 2nd October release date, but the handful of campaigns and in-depth Mercenaries mode should keep you busy until the DLC is available.

Survivors will see you respawning as an enemy monster when killed but if you manage to kill two human characters then you will be resurrected once again as a human. The aim is to be the last human standing.

Predator, as the name suggests, places one character in the shoes of Ustanak, the B.O.W desperately trying to kill Jake Muller in his campaign, and that player will have to defeat all other players in the game. Although it sounds simple, you’ll have a difficult time either escaping or trying to kill Ustanak before the time runs out due to his massive size and incredible strength.

Siege will see one human character marked as an NPC who needs protecting – or killing – and you’ll be tasked with protecting them if you are a human or taking them down if you’re on the enemy team. 

These modes will allow up to six players at any time and will be playable on any Mercenaries maps, giving you more incentive to pre-order the game for the three early access maps. Your triumphs and failures will be recorded on the recently revealed which allows you compete with people from around the world for the #1 spot on the leaderboards.

Resident Evil 6 is set to release worldwide on 2nd October. Will you be fighting off B.O.Ws and zombies when it comes around? Let us know in the comments below.

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