The First Look at “Primeval: New World”

Well, it’s finally here. The first official trailer for Primeval: New World has arrived courtesy of the guys at TBI Vision. And I have to say, the series looks set to be epic.

Now, if you haven’t heard anything about this new spin-off to the ITV dinosaur drama, then I would suggest reading the “Introduction to Primeval: New World” article that was previously posted before reading this and checking out the trailer – just so you can get the basic low down and also understand how this new series will tie in with previous Primeval canon and series timelines.

**Spoiler Warning for the following content **

Anyway, back to the trailer which you can check out below:


“You think you’re re-writing the laws of physics right? – making the world a better place..”
– Connor Temple to Evan Cross

I know fans were disappointed when Season Six wasn’t announced for Primeval; but for all you Connor Temple fans, this trailer has quite a fair bit of a certain Mr. Andrew Lee Potts – who reprises his role as the A.R.C’s resident computer geek and science whizz for several episodes in the first half of this season (so far).

In the trailer, we see Connor interacting with Evan Cross (Niall Matter) who is the new team leader for this show – and who, like Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall) in the original show – is highly invested in the notion of anomalies after a creature (if the trailer is to be believed) killed his wife. Now the time frame of her death isn’t clear from the trailer, so she could have been killed during the convergence of Primeval Season Five, or maybe before, when the anomalies were still a closely guarded secret.

Connor: The creatures that are loose threats – you cull the wrong one, History unravels… You just need to put everything back where it came from.
Evan: You say that like it’s so easy.
Connor: Oh, it’s not easy – not even a little bit..
– Connor Temple and Evan Cross

The trailer also introduces us to the other members of the TANK team, including Dylan Weir (Sara Canning), Mac Rendell (Danny Rahim), Toby Nance (Crystal Lowe) and Lt. Ken Leeds (Geoff Gustafon).

The character of Lt. Leeds rather intrigues me from the trailer, as he seems to have been sent to spy on Cross and his team to find out what they have discovered as well as their general movements. It also doesn’t help the curiosity train to discover that Leeds has collected some kind of file on Evan over the past years – and seems rather interested when he learns that Cross has apparently found what he has been searching for.

“We need him… and he trusts me..” – Ken Leeds talking about Evan Cross

It’s not clear who Leeds answers to from the trailer; but he doesn’t seem to be highly regarded by the team, or by Evan in particular, who shakes Ken’s hand and states: “This doesn’t make us friends.” It’s reminiscient of Cutter and his initial dislike to James Lester (Ben Miller), and later the military infusion of Becker (Ben Mansfield).

I also think I’m going to like Mac Rendell, who is in a position similar to Becker, but with that added sense of humour, which we don’t initially see in Mansfield’s character upon his introduction in Season Three.

The stances of Cross and Cutter in regards to Rendell/Becker is noticeable as the two team leaders are kind of parallel in terms of their position toward the anomalies etc. Cross and Rendell appear to be good friends from this trailer, whereas in the original show, it took a while before Cutter warmed up to Becker in his position as Head of Security. Mac is also a British character, which is something to note; and which is cool in terms of the subtle references to the show’s British counterpart. He is also able to relate to Evan, as his girlfriend was also killed by creatures pre-series presumably.

Dylan Weir is a very strong female lead in the show, and knows how to boss Ken Leeds around from the trailer, as she appears to be a natural leader who knows how to do her job, and who is also good with Tranquilizer guns, as she proves when she explains that one dose from one of the Tranquilizer darts has enough kick to knock out an adult rhino… which isn’t good for the guy in the next scene who gets shot with one of Dylan’s darts by Toby.

There are no EMDs in this show, folks,  so it’s back to live rounds in this post-watershed series and the ferocity of the creatures appear to match the weapon’s upgrade as we witness a Pteranodon (or Pterosaurs to you and me) cause terror both in the sky and on land in this trailer. The CGI is top notch for the creatures, and I have to admit, some of them do look worrying in terms of their fatality rates based on the body count that was racked up in the trailer.

Now in terms of air dates, it’s still unclear when the show is actually coming over here. But here is the information I was given by the guys running the Official Twitter for the show in regards to what channels will be showing Primeval: New World and when. I’ll update this as soon as I have any more details.


Country  Channel         Air Date




Canada SPACE


Monday 29th October 2012 @ 10pm


France SyFy




Germany ProSieben




United Kingdom     WATCH




United States N/A





There is also now an official site for the show which has been launched – but as yet has no content. You can find it here.

So, after watching trailer, what are you’re thoughts on the new series? 

Let us know, by dropping a comment 🙂

This is Nance, signing off before the Jurassic anomaly that has just opened decides to spew out a creature… Peace 🙂

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