Famke Janssen and Patrick Stewart back for more X-Men?

Back in August Bryan Singer revealed that the second X-Men First Class film will be based off of the Days of Future Past series of comics. The story finds Kitty Pryde receiving a warning from her future self about the horrors that await the X-Men in the future.

The time travelling aspect of the story has had people wondering and speculating about what this could mean. Patrick Stewart has already suggested that he could be returning for another go at Professor Xavier.

When speaking to a fan at the 2012 Montreal Comic Convention he had this to say. “I think there is every possibility…yes, I’ll be reprising (the role)…”

A few days later found Famke Janssen speaking with MTV News. At the mention of X-Men she said “Jean Grey, the Phoenix… she finds a way to reincarnate herself constantly, so one never knows.”

Of course the casting choice isn’t up to them. Janssen did point out that she’s “in no position to say anything,” but it’s nice to know that two of the bigger faces from the original trilogy are up for making a comeback should they be asked to. And of course if Wolverine were to be thrown into the mix again, Hugh Jackman will probably still be in costume from his latest outing.

The X-Men First Class sequel is due for release July 2014, but if you can’t wait that long for some X-Men goodness then The Wolverine is out on 26th July 2013.

Source: MTV

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