Retro City Rampage – Out Now

Good news! Developer VBlank Entertainment‘s long-awaited downloadable title Retro City Rampage is finally available on the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Vita, and will be followed by a WiiWare release at some point soon. The new trailer (see below) has confirmed our beliefs: this game looks absolutely insane and really, really awesome.

As you can see, Retro City Rampage takes open-world Grand Theft Auto-style gameplay back to the 8-bit era. It’s packed with references to retro games and consoles; Mario, Zelda, Metal Gear, Mortal Kombat and the Virtual Boy are only some of the things being nodded to. Even 80s movies such as Back to the Future and Ghostbusters get a look in. Roam around the city in a car, tank, or even a DeLorean destroying everything in sight in a psychedelic wonderland of 8-bit explosions. Needless to say, Retro City Rampage looks like a wacky, wonderful mix of old-school and new-school and we can’t wait to give it a go. Open a six-pack of Tab and start feeding your pet rock, because the 80s are back.

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