Uncanny Avengers Issue 1 Review

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe gaining so much attention, Marvel wanted to find a way to get fans in to the comics too. The biggest gripe for anyone wanting to get in to comics is always the question of “Well where do I start?” With multiple groups, thousands of characters and alternate universes, it can be a bit tricky finding a way in.

To help newcomers and to give the Universe in general a bit of a shake up, Marvel are launching Marvel Now! The idea is that these new lines will be a good place for newcomers to start. This winter will see a whole selection of issue 1s. The first is Uncanny Avengers, so let’s see how it turned out.

Page 1 is a rather creepy scene of someone having surgery on their brain while an unseen figure speaks about mutants and their recent behaviour. This is referencing the events that have just happened in Avengers vs X-Men where both teams fought against each other.

The next scene features Wolverine talking at the funeral for Charles Xavier. It’s a nice reminder of the kind of person Professor X was and the lessons he tried to teach his students and friends. Wolverine has some poignant words to say, “Chuck saw only one path. Protectin’ those who hated and feared us ‘til they didn’t.”

Wolverine isn’t the only one remembering Professor X’s wise words. Afterwards Alex Summers (aka Havok) is paying a visit to his brother Scott Summers (aka Cyclops). Clearly people didn’t appreciate his actions in Avengers vs X-Men because SHIELD have locked him safely away. Alex makes it clear that he’s a little disappointed in his brother and accuses him of forgetting the lessons taught by Xavier.

With the visit over, Alex is greeted by Captain America and Thor (who apparently has a thing for lattes). They make a proposition. Captain America wishes to see the X-Men and Avengers working together on a new team and he thinks Alex has leadership potential. The only problem is Alex doesn’t seem too keen on the idea.

The story jumps forward to a scene of Avalanche causing chaos in the streets of New York (it’s always New York) with the shout of “The mutants are back!” The scar around his head means that he was the man being “worked on” in the first few panels. Captain America, Thor and Alex (dressed now as Havok) work together to help civilians and go after Avalanche.

Elsewhere Wanda (aka Scarlet Witch) is paying her respects at Professor X’s grave and a certain someone isn’t happy to see her. Rogue makes it clear that she blames Wanda for everything that’s happened.

You see at the end of the House of M arc Wanda and her reality-changing powers turned millions of mutants into regular humans, cutting the mutant population to a tiny percentage of what it once was. It was a big loss to the mutants and caused some characters to act in possibly regrettable ways ever since.

The scene is brilliantly put together. Wanda has decided she’s had enough of the attitude of the X-Men, claiming they’re self-righteous despite not understanding what it really means to be one of the X-Men. Rogue, not pleased in the slightest, tries to start a fight. Her anger is understandable and the artwork here really helps to sell it.

Just after Rogue tries (and strangely fails) to absorb Wanda’s powers an explosion interrupts them followed by a strange looking group of people. The group is made up of a goat-faced woman, a giant turtle, a blue woman, a man that turns in to a large insect and a sort of bat woman. They attack the pair.

In the final scene we finally get to see who was performing brain surgery on Avalanche… someone who speaks of finding a weapon to eradicate the mutant race.

With the X-Men being in their own part of the Marvel ‘verse for so long it’s nice to see these characters slowly coming together. X-Men have generally defended themselves and it’s looking like Captain America is wanting to change that by bringing Avengers and X-Men together.

So how does issue 1 actually fare for newcomers? Pretty well actually. After talking to a friend (and newbie) about it, they didn’t seem too bothered by the mentions to past events. They had a go at working it out but it wasn’t essential for them to know it all.

If you still think that you might be bothered by it just remember, there’s always Google. When it comes to reading comics you just have to dive in. If you want to know “What did happen in House of M?” then go back and read it. You’ll be a comic book nerd before you know it and Marvel Now! seems a pretty good starting point.

But what do you think? Enjoying the choice in characters? Feel it’s pandering a little too much to the movie-going crowd? Comments and questions below.

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