Justice League movie aimed for 2015 after court victory

In a move probably unknown to most casual fans, plans for a Justice League movie involving Superman could finally be put into action with the knowledge it would see the light of day, thanks to a court ruling last Wednesday.

The LA Times reports on how a court’s decision means that Warner Bros. continues to hold the rights to Superman, ruling against the heirs of Superman creators Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. What this means is that Warner Bros. (and its subsidiary DC Comics) could continue to use many of the iconic elements of the Superman mythos such as his secret identity Clark Kent and his super strength and speed in media such as movies, television shows and comics. 

If the court ruled against Warner Bros., they would have lost such claim to the Superman mythology in 2013, ultimately throwing the fate of any potential Justice League movie, as well as any potential sequels to the upcoming Man of Steel, into question.

This recent development is good news for the development of the Justice League movie, which can now continue without any hesitations towards incorporating Superman into the mix, one of the key players of the Justice League franchise.

The movie will also include characters such as Wonder Woman and Batman (who will be rebooted from his Nolanverse incarnation). A script has already been announced to be in development, penned by Gangster Squad scribe Will Beall.

With these latest events, it is reported that Warner Bros. will be aiming to begin filming on the Justice League movie in 2013, with the hope of releasing in 2015.

It could come at no better time for Warner Bros., with Disney and Marvel Studios already enjoying their head start with their Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has pulled away from DC with this year’s Avengers Assemble and are already launching full steam ahead with Phase Two of the MCU. This isn’t helped by the false starts with Green Lantern not enjoying much success and other DC Comics movies still waiting in the wings.

With the upcoming Man of Steel directed by Zack Synder coming in 2013 and the Justice League movie good to go, it looks like it might be DC’s time to finally shine. There are no more worries about the fate of Superman, it’s time for Warner Bros. to finally pick up the pace and deliver more amazing comic book movies.

Man of Steel is out in cinemas 14th June 2013 and stars Henry Cavill as Superman. Zack Synder directs, and David S. Goyer wrote the screenplay. The Justice League movie is set for a 2015 release and is to be written by Will Beall. As of yet there has been no announcement on cast or direction.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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