Steve Jackson Signing at Expo

Steve Jackson signing Saturday 14:30‘FF’ is often used these days to refer to a certain popular JRPG franchise, but not that long ago it instead was ‘Fighting Fantasy” – a wildly popular series of books “in which YOU are the hero!” For many they were a portal to roleplaying games bridging the gap from simple novels to dice based fighting to progress the story. Holding books so that your fingers were in numerous pages became an essential skill to avoid getting lost in Firetop Mountain, as well as furtively adjusting dice rolls while your sibling or mate wasn’t looking.

If such things interest you, whether out of a feeling of nostalgia or because you are interested in reading and playing them (maybe on your iphone or Android device courtesy of Tin Man Games?), or you are simply a fan of Games Workshop or Lionhead Studios, then you will be pleased to learn that Steve Jackson will be attending the London Comic Con MCM Expo on Saturday 27th October 2012 and signing at the Tin Man Games stand at 14:30.

Steve Jackson

Co-creator of the Fighting Fantasy series (worldwide sales exceeded 17 million)
Co-founder of Games Workshop (Warhammer, White Dwarf)
Co-founder of Lionhead Studios (Fable)

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