Alovera Comic Issue 1 Review

Like many people, when I look around the Comic Village at the MCM Expo I keep my eyes open for anything unique and new that stands out among the crowd. It might be because of the art style, their chosen subject, sometimes they might have an eye catching banner and sometimes the author happens to catch me by being super eager to show off their work. Back at the May MCM Expo I picked up the first issue of a comic called Alovera Comic by Victoria Coppen and her partner Alan Laguna. The pair have returned to the October Expo and as such, now seemed the perfect time to review their wonderful debut issue.

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the book to have a flick through was the unique decision to risograph print it onto newspaper. From the feel of the pages to the way the illustrations sit on the page, the printing method does a lot to make this feel like something valuable, collectable, something to keep safe. The book’s black and white art is very reminiscent of a more angular version of the Scott Pilgrim series of comic books. The line art is all crisp, as is the text. The art is fairly minimal, but that works in the context of the printing method and stylised character designs. The main characters all come off as instantly recognisable, expressive and easy to read. In much the way manga often exaggerates facial expressions, so does Alovera Comic.

The first issue focuses on a Polyamorous Trio living in a well kept London flat. While light on actual story progression (the actual meat of the story is only teased for a few pages), the first issue does a good job of setting up the characters, their world and the supernatural forces that will likely find themselves winding their way into the trio’s lives.

The characters are likeable, the comic itself feels well made and hand crafted and the comic generally impressed me. I highly recommend going and having a look for yourself. Alovera Comic can be found in the Comic Village this weekend. We also have an interview with the artists you can check out here.

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