The Khaotic Emporium Comic Book Review

The Khaotic Emporium is a comic book by artist, author and cosplayer Tab Kimpton. A regular at the MCM Expo, the first issue of Tab’s comic book brings to life a series of engaging, creative and memorable characters while setting up a world I’m very excited to be a part of.

Following the adventures of a group of Steampunk pirates, the first issue introduces us to Cogsworth the Clockwork Captain (once a mere human, now a wonderous machine man), the ships blind pilot Mr Old Man, the fraudulent ventriloquist Billy Strings, explosive Joe – The Un-Destructable Man and Pierre the French Goblin Chef (who Cogsworth seemingly only has on the ship because he came with a free spoon).

From the opening page, which sees a man in a lab coat and pin stripe trousers laughing while he flies around in a tea powered top hat jetpack shouting “TEA! It’s Liquid Science,” it’s obvious that this comic has a great sense of humour.

The book also features images of Tab and his friends cosplaying as the various characters. When asked about which came first, Tab said, “I made the costumes first. Most of them started out as terrible jokes – Cogsworth the Clockwork Captain began as a idea about making a Steampunk mecha. Then with people actually wearing them and bringing them to life with silly voices and mannerisms, they took on their own personalities. We jokingly made stories about things they would do, I drew a few doodles, then I decided I’d bring out a comic to give them the back story they deserve. People liked the first book, so I’m now working on a second, hopefully to come out this year.”

The first issue is a great laugh, so why not give it a look this weekend. If you want to know more about Tab you can read our full interview with him here. A map to his stall can be found below.

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