Warwick Davis demonstrates the new Pocket Warrick mobile app

The Games Stage of the London MCM Expo was greeted by a rather unique guest on Saturday afternoon – Warwick Davis of Life’s Too Short fame. The 3 ft 6 in actor took to the stage, explaining how he’s not usually one to be found on the game stage but he came before the audience to present his brand new app for phones and tablets: Pocket Warwick.

Warwick went right into explaining what the app was actually about. It’s a simulation game where you raise and nurture your own personal Warwick Davis. The virtual Davis is also an actor and starts the game as a Z-List celebrity. It’s is all about training up your own Warwick Davis and getting him to climb the ranks from Z-List to A-List.

The game is all about progression, exponentially branching out customisation options such as buying new furniture and clothes to redecorate the entire environment.

Davis told the audience about how the idea initially came to him, explaining that he thought of the app about a year ago while finding a way to combine his love of technology with his acting, ultimately thinking of an idea where he could find a way inside the phone that lead to Davis developing the concept for Pocket Warwick.

A trailer was played for the game, showing it off in all its glory. The footage shown was of a simple but effective application that followed a cartoonish Warick that incorporated photographic images of Davis’ face to enhance the character. There was a nice air of humour and fun about the game and it is a free download for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The iPhone and iPad versions were released on October 25th while Davis said that the Android version is coming in early November.

In an interesting move for the panel, Davis went on to explain how an app like Pocket Warwick is actually made, explaining a few of the technical diagrams as well as the storyboards that were drawn up in the early stages. An interesting detail that Davis highlighted in the storyboards was that the presentation of the game revolved around the idea of a theatre – curtains would open and close and objects would be swapped out on the fly to continue to create the environment of the game. It’s a very nice touch that adds a little more character to the game.

Davis said he was keen to use his own image and performances for the app, showcasing a couple of making-of videos that explored how many different photos and sound bites were gathered from Davis in a studio with some rather humorous results.

Warwick kept up the running theme of the game being a completely unique experience from game to game and how different tasks and audio and other details would be different every single time. A few of the stats were shown to the audience, such as the game having 80 different facial expressions, 150 unique sound bites, over 350 in-game tasks and over 20 hours of gameplay. They are certainly promising statistics for a mobile game and shows that Davis has certainly put time and effort into making the game have enough content to hold users.

Near the end of the panel Warwick started to play an on-stage demo of Pocket Warwick, and instantly the application showed that it could run smoothly on an iPhone with seamless transitions and gameplay. The game also boasted a very simple and effective user interface that utilised the theatre concept for the application quite effectively.

From Warwick’s demo, Pocket Warwick certainly looks like a fun and engaging game, plus the application being completely free with no in-game transactions adds to the appeal. It certainly seems to be a game that’s worth checking out, plus fans of Davis will already have enough of a reason to check it out, especially with the range of expressions and content Davis has helped create for the game.

As the panel began to reach the end, there was a question and answer session with the audience. One of the questions was regarding Warwick’s previous acting work, asking which prosthetic make-up was the worst to wear out of his career. He responded by citing that he has used prosthetics quite a bit in the movies he has worked on, but he puts the worst experience down to the movie Leprechaun, which was his first experience with the process. 

He also went on to discuss the Harry Potter movies and how by using make-up he was able to play more than one part, giving the example of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two, where he played both the goblin Griphook and the Charms teacher Professor Flitwick. Davis said he admired make-up artists and explained the different processes that can go into effects make-up.

Finally Davis and the people who worked on Pocket Warwick ran a competition where those in the audience would come up for a name for a fictional movie for the Warwick Davis in the Pocket Warwick app to have to go to for one of the many in-game jobs. There were several entries from members of the audience, but ultimately the winner was “28 Days Shorter”. Alongside the winner’s movie title appearing in the app, their name would also appear too as Warwick’s co-star in the same movie.

Davis showcased how he was involved in every process from conception from realisation and how he was passionate about the project, and as always he had the audience on his side. All in all it was a very entertaining demonstration of the new Pocket Warwick app. Whether you’re at the London MCM Expo this weekend or not, you can always spend time with Warwick Davis with the new Pocket Warwick app. 

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