Marvelling At the Work of Lee Bradley

I love being at Expo. Wandering around the comic village and checking out all the wonderful art on show is just fantastic. I especially love having a nose at what the comic book artists are up to.

On this particular journey I came across the stall of Mr Lee Bradley who was, as always, working on some really amazing pieces.

He looked busy, but I bit the bullet and pestered him with a couple of questions. Luckily, he didn’t seem to mind.

What inspired you to become a comic book artist?
LEE: I always loved drawing and the first film I ever saw at the cinema was Superman 2, so combining those two things probably had a bit of an influence.
Is there any one issue or run that you are most proud of?
LEE: Working on the Transformers Animated comic was the most fun job I’ve had; colourful cartoony characters that were a combo mix of Transformers and superheroes – it was a lot of fun.
Is there a character that you’d love to draw, but have not yet had the chance?
LEE: I would love to do a Batman title, specifically Batman Animated which is my favourite version.
How do you find the experience of comic conventions and what was the biggest challenge anyone has ever set you (sketch wise)?
LEE: The experience is always from the viewpoint of sitting behind a desk; it’s not often I get a chance to look around with people wanting sketches. I have had some very strange requests, some inappropriate (though I will draw anything), some fun & quirky from Lego Sherlock Holmes to Bruce Lee. My favourite has to be Batman though!
Who are your comic book heroes (writers and artists)?

LEE: I love Mike Zeck’s work. I work on his Secret Wars series, along with John Byrne who had a fantastic run on the Fantastic Four and revitalised Superman. As for writers it has to be Stan Lee who is responsible for the Marvel Universe as we know it.
Do you have any advice for people looking to get into comic artistry?

LEE: Work hard and learn to take criticism.  

And on a final note – I hear that you might have an exciting project coming up! Can you tell us a little something about that?
LEE: Let’s just say it’s something MARVELous

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