Wish Live Performance at MCM Expo in London

Comprised of members, Hana, Alice and BethWish are a recently formed dance YouTube group and were the final group of this year’s MCM Expo to take the Totally Cosplay stage. Presenting themselves with a level of self-awareness that sometimes bordered on awkwardness, there is also something very genuine in their approach to their roles as fledgling Net Idols. 

This approach is more than evident in the manner in which the three girls appear in social media, the profile of Alice‘s Twitter account even going so far as to declare herself a “16 year old girl from the UK who cosplays and dances on youtube because i’m totally not cool“. It is testament to the fact that Wish are at that age where they are obviously not strangers to working hard for what they want, but are only now finding themselves tested.

Opening with Hare Hare Yukai from the popular anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the group began with all three girls on stage before dividing themselves into sub-units comprised of alternating members, as with the Otaku Owls yesterday. Taking this approach helped highlight just how complex some of these dances are – this was most noticeable during the performance of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu‘s seminal PonPonPon. Seeing the routine for this parred down and performed by two dancers playing the choreography off against itself made me discover a new found respect for both Kyary’s routine and genuine admiration for the hard work the Wish members put into learning such precise timing.

Throughout the stage performance, despite Beth seeming nervous and hesitant at times, there was a tremendous amount of co-ordination and vigour on display. This in itself made a huge impact on me. Again, to evoke the spirit of AKB48, the idea of idols you can interact with is of tremendous appeal, breaking down the wall between celebrity and dedicated fans. It is something that, perhaps due to their relative youth, Wish have in spades. They are somehow approachable and yet hesitant of the attention such a performance inspires.

Introducing themselves at different points throughout the set, each member presented themselves with a complete lack of pretension or affectation. It’s a brave move and one that definitely paid off for the group as the audience definitely seemed to respond to such honesty, but I can’t help but feel that maybe longer MC sections might have helped inform more as to the agenda of the group. Of course to a degree, their hard work spoke for itself (it’s impossible to doubt the energy when seeing the effort required for PonPonPon).

Whilst the group may not have directly interacted with the audience in terms of explaining themselves, they were very playful in the way they danced and in winning them over, promising – and delivering – sweets to any who joined them in their cover of Danjo.

There is the feeling that if such an approach could be elaborated on, then Wish could really be one of the first Net Idol groups in their field to build the kind of relationship with their audience seen with more famous groups. It’s a lofty goal, and while very far off, if they choose to continue doing what they’re doing then it could be a possibility.

The honesty of these three girls is truly one of the most admirable things about the group. The fact that they have got this far in such a short time and without any foreseeable management involvement is genuinely impressive and worth taking note of.

It will be interesting to see how Wish progress and should they perform at an Expo again, just how much they might have changed and learnt.

Until then, the road ahead is long, but it is evident that the group’s dedication and honesty is beyond reproach.  

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