The Doctor Who Experience at the London MCM Expo

As if having Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and Doctor Who Executive Producer Caroline Skinner wasn’t enough at the London MCM Expo, the BBC Worldwide stand in the Expo Hall brought everyone the chance to have their own experience in the world of Doctor Who.

A bite-sized version of the Doctor Who Experience that could be easily managed into attendants’ schedules; Expo-goers were given the chance to explore the world of the Doctor, the TARDIS and his many foes.

Before even heading in, everyone was given a Time Lord Passport – a document that was stamped once one progressed through each activity. A nice little touch to the experience along with the added perk of giving you the ability to get a free Doctor Who face mask with every purchase at their stall.

The entrance was through the doors of a large-scale replica of the TARDIS exterior and participants were greeted to a video of Matt Smith discovering the interior of the TARDIS for the first time. The video showcased all the new details that had been added to the redesigned TARDIS console, creating a nice and fresh take on the console to go alongside Matt Smith’s regenerated Doctor.

Afterwards attendants were given the chance to look inside the cold steel of the Cybermen, thanks to an instructional video that explored the blank and evil nature of one of the Doctor’s most dangerous foes. To continue on with the experience, attendants had to pretend to be Cybermen themselves, learning how to march and act like them. It was an interesting and entertaining exercise, especially for any attendants in some interesting cosplays. 

One of the highlights of the experience came after the Cyberman section, where peoples photos were taken against a green screen and then inserted into scenes from Series 7 episodes such as Asylum of the Daleks and The Angels Take Manhattan. Some very interesting poses and situations were created, making for some memorable photos against Doctor Who backdrops.

As one can predict, the experience was rounded off with participants being faced by the Daleks. Thankfully none were fully operational or as deadly as the ones the Doctor faces, but it was nice to have a chance getting up-close to some Dalek props and reading up on the history of not just the Daleks, but all things Doctor Who throughout the exhibit.

The Doctor Who Experience at the BBC stand was a very worthwhile experience for any Doctor Who fan. It gave a nice taste towards the things that are explored further in the wider-scale Doctor Who Experience that was recently opened in Cardiff (where Doctor Who is also filmed) and it was definitely worth taking some time out of the Expo schedule to take a little adventure in the TARDIS.

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