Haven a Good Time Wth Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour and Adam Copeland

Laughter, mayhem and a penchant for going off topic, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour and Adam ‘’FKA Edge’ Copeland; stars of SyFy’s show Haven, were unleashed at this October’s MCM Expo. Being a huge fan of the show I was super excited to be taking part in an interview with these guys. By the end my cheeks would be aching from laughter as the trio gave a hilariously brilliant interview that struggled to stay on topic. Warning: This may contain spoilers.

Q: Would you guys like to posses the same skills as you characters in real life?

Lucas: I wouldn’t mind that, occasionally. Sometimes it would be a bit of an issue because I do like to feel. The advantage for Nathan is, yes, he can’t feel pain, but then there all also other things that he can’t feel as well, that he might want to feel. I’d like to be able to feel when I want to feel, but when I bang into the glass partition in my hotel, that would be a good moment not to feel, or if I was outside with no clothes on today.

Eric: Which happens more than you’d think.

Lucas: It could happen later. 

Adam: I would not ever want to attract bullets. There is not a point when that would ever be a good idea. So I’m going to say no.

(Long pause)

Eric: Oh, is that the end of that answer? My ability is to be able to end curses. Oh I guess I have super strength, but oh, there are some communicable disease issues because I got to get someone’s blood all over you, but other than that, yeah, I’d be into mine. I’m gonna go with yes. Hang on, no. Oh wait, I’m gonna stick with yes!

Q: Have you ever seen or felt something paranormal in real life?

Eric: Well, whenever Lucas touches me in…. (They all laugh). Yeah, I think all those things are possible. I’ve been in places where I have felt or seen something that just can’t be explained.

Lucas: I usually say, just don’t explain it, just let it happen.

Adam: I think there is something, I don’t know exactly what that thing is, but I think we’re pretty ignorant if we think that we are the only things kicking around. That can go to other planets and all different kind of things. I actually don’t think about it too much to be perfectly honest.

Eric: Oh, I do.

Adam: I don’t because it would boggle my mind, and I don’t like my mind being boggled.

Eric: Who wants their mind boggled?

Adam: Exactly.

Eric: I think about it a lot, because growing up; my dream was to be a Ghostbuster. I really thought that at some point one of them would retire. Probably Venkman, because he had other things he wanted to do. I thought I could become a Ghostbuster, and it was really important to me, because if ghosts don’t exist, then I couldn’t have a proton pack. So, I think it’s really essential to my life goals.

Adam: I always wanted to be Ernie Hudson.

Eric: Who doesn’t? Tell them about the Twinkie, man.

Adam: (Laughing) The Twinkie?

Eric: You actually got the line right, even though you didn’t know what I was talking about.

Adam: It’s been a while.

Eric: Don’t you remember the Twinkie line?

Adam: It’s been a while.

(All three laugh)

Q: Adam, this is obviously a little different for you. How are you finding the transition and how are you fitting in with this team?

Adam: They hate me!

(Lucas and Eric nod furiously)

Eric: This is true.

Adam: The acting side of it has been more difficult than the actual fitting in with the guys and girls on set.

Eric: He fits in with the girls better

Lucas: He is a good looking guy.

Eric: Oh no, I meant that they have similar tastes in things like music and clothes.

Lucas: Ooooh.

Adam: I am very in touch with my feminine side.

Lucas: This is why they put me in the middle.

Adam: It’s been a lot of fun. Walking on set, my first scene was with Lucas and immediately we realised that we are both really, complete idiots (Lucas nods) that grew up just 20 minutes away from each other, and that really helped me initially. Everyone involved is really nice, so in that respect it wasn’t a hard transition. What was hard, was trying to pull back my crazy facial ticks and mannerisms, and my tourettes.

Eric: You did a wonderful job curing that. You should write a paper or something.

(Adam giggles and whispers a few swear words)

Q: Three seasons in, how do you feel that Haven is comparing to other shows out there with a similar nature, such as Warehouse 13 for example, and that kind of genre of show? Do you watch those shows?

Lucas: I have seen the other shows, yes. I think the neat thing about our show is, while it is on the SyFy channel both in the States and here in the UK, it does fit that sci-fi genre, but it is arguably a crossover show. People who don’t necessarily consider themselves sci-fi fans might tune into the show because they are Stephen King fans or because it is really rooted in reality. Just a small town with weird characters with weird relationships, it’s not as out there as other sci-fi shows might be, and I think that’s brought in all sorts of new fans who might not have otherwise tuned in.

Eric: I think also that Haven is tonally different from other shows today. We are more closely akin to something like X-Files. Our show is a little darker, it falls into a more dramatic category than Warehouse 13 or Eureka and so I think those are some of the main differences from our show to those shows. Our show is shot on film, which is something that I am really proud of. I really like that fact.

Lucas: Absolutely.

Eric: We are one of the last shows still shot on film, which I think is pretty cool.

Q: What have been you favourite moments on screen and on set?

Eric: My favourite moment this season, well it wasn’t actually on set, but the entire cast and crew went tidal board rafting one weekend. We all live up in Nova Scotia, and this year, more so than any other season, because the weather was really kind to us, it turned into summer camp. Everyday was summer camp. We were surfing every weekend, and every evening we go to Emily’s (Emily Rose) house or one of our producers houses, and we’d play cards. There was this card game that Emily taught us, which she seemed to win at every time.

Lucas: Yeah, the rules were always changing.

Eric: Which was a little concerning. So, tidal board rafting is in the Bay of Fundy. There is this 60ft tidal swing and the water level drops 60ft up and down. So you have these miles of tide that shifts in and out, and you can sit on the edge of the river mouth and ride this tidal board up river. That was probably the funnest trip. There were mudslides and the rafting, oh, it was a great time.

Lucas: It was an amazing day.

Eric: We had so much fun together. On set, everyday is like… is it Mary Poppins? (Turns to Lucas) Everyday’s a holiday with you?

Lucas: Am I Burt? (Adam laughs)

Eric: We have a lot of fun on set.

Lucas: We do, it’s pretty cool, and we have a bunch of amazing people to hang out with.

Adam: We have a bunch of quirky characters too. Richard Donat (Vince Teagues in Haven) and John Dunsworth (Dave Teagues in Haven), they are amazing and quirky.

Lucas: It is an amazing crew, we have become a family. I wish we had more prank stories to tell you, but we have a blast everyday.

Eric: We don’t have prank stories, because it’s become kind of normal. We don’t realise it until Emily’s not around, but she really does have a rough time of it. She is stuck with this bunch of boys and we’re always making stupid jokes and stuff. Although this year she actually made her first dirty joke.

Lucas: Yeah, Emily’s got really dirty this season.

Eric: Hanging around with a bunch of boys this long and she finally cracked a dirty joke.

Lucas: It’s a good thing she’s not here. She has come a long way; we’ve really groomed her.

Adam: Really pulled her down into the gutter.

Lucas: She spits now too. (The three laugh)

Q: We are on the third season now. Is there any particular moment from this season that you enjoyed shooting and look forward to seeing on film?

Lucas: Basically I really enjoy every opportunity to see myself on screen, so most of what I do, I highly anticipate. I’m just in awe of my ability perpetually. (Eric and Adam begin laughing)

Eric: He actually calls me on days when I’m not working and says, “Hey, do you wanna come down to the set and watch me?” and I say, “No man it’s my day off,” and he’s like “I’m really good in this scene.

Lucas: “You’re probably gonna want to come down, I’m doing some pretty amazing stuff here.

Eric: I come down because I just don’t want to disappoint him.

Lucas: But beyond my perpetual love for myself, there is an episode we shot this year; episode 9, I think was a real blast for everyone to shoot and I’m really excited to see that. It was a non-secret time travel episode.

Eric: Yeah, we did a time travel episode, where we went back in time…

[At this point the three begin to chat amongst themselves and not for the last time]

Adam: Not the song.

Lucas: Not the song?

Adam: Not the Huey Lewis song.

Lucas: No! Not the Huey Lewis song, we’re talking about episode 9 of Haven.

Eric: You talking about Back to the Future?              

Adam: I’m talking about (breaks into song) “Back in tyyyeeeeiiime.”

Eric: Oh, the Huey Lewis song. Not one of his hits. Well, it was a hit, but not one of the classics.

Lucas: A lesser known Huey Lewis hit, but it’s good that we have referenced it now and…

Eric: (Butting in) Which is weird, because you say Huey Lewis and I think of American Psycho.

Lucas: Wow.

Adam: Oh, that just means that I’m older than you. (laughs)

Eric: No, no. I get the Back to the Future reference. Wait, weren’t we supposed to be talking about the show?

Lucas: Episode 9! It was a beautiful thing and everybody just went for it.

Eric: Yeah, I think we would all agree that episode 9 is really cool this year.

Lucas: It was a real blast to shoot.

Eric: It’s the biggest episode we did this season.

Adam: The best thing that I actually got to watch was the last scene of this season. I won’t spoil anything, but to be able to stand back and watch it, and see everything just work in our favour, even the weather, everything about it just felt very end-of-the-world-epic, and it leant itself to everything completely. I was just standing there watching and thinking, “This is just amazing.” Everything has worked out perfect. These guys couldn’t see it, and I got to see it, so I can say it looked very, very cool.

Eric: By saying that stuff, you just gave something away.

Adam: I don’t think I did.

Eric: You kind of did.

Adam: Nope. I don’t think I did.

Lucas: Well you said that you got to see it, oh, wait a minute, so was I in it? So basically your mind was blown from that?

Adam: Erm…

Eric: (Talking about Lucas) You know that you’re only feeding into to his massive ego.

Adam: (points at Lucas) His?

Eric: Yes.

Adam: Well, he is very chiselled.

Lucas: That is true.

Adam: Facially.

Lucas: I am facially chiselled.

Eric: I thought you were talking about his facial hair.

Lucas: You draw really ridiculous answers out of us. We’re doing sound bites now, just quick, short poppy little sentences. Just so we don’t wander off and…

Eric: (Shouts) Haven! Awesome! That’s it, that’s the whole thing.

Q: If you guys could choose to play a character from any other TV show, who would you choose?

Eric: That’s a fun question, I like that one.

Lucas: Any show?

Q: From any decade.

Adam: Any decade, wow! You have just opened a real can of worms.

Eric: It’s simple for me; I’d want to be Rachel from Friends.

Lucas: The hair?

Eric: Yep

Lucas: You do have great hair. Well, if you were Rachel then…

Adam: …you would want to be Ross, you son of a bitch.

Lucas: Oh, you wanted to be Ross?

Adam: Kind of.

Eric: Don’t worry, these guys fight over me all the time.

Adam: Wait! I’ll be Joey, because Joey got a turn on Rachel too.

Lucas: Did he?

Adam: Yeah!

Lucas: Maybe I’d be Joey (they laugh). Other than that, if you are going to be Rachel from Friends, I’d want to be Christy Brown, Daniel Day Lewis‘ character in My Left Foot.

Eric: That’s not a TV show.

Lucas: Yeah, but if it was and he was on Friends and lived in the other apartment across the hall, then you would be Rachel and I would be, the My Left Foot guy.

Eric: (looking at Adam who has a look of concentration upon his face) Are you all right? (laughing)

Adam: Yeah, I’m just trying to think about who I want to be, and I think I have figured it out. I think I’d be Farrah Fawcett of Super Dave Osborne, because I like one piece unitards.

Eric: Oh yeah, I get that. So could you be the Greatest American Hero too?

Adam: Yep. It’s a good song too and my hair gets curly when it’s long. So I could have a blonde afro.

Eric: Well if we are going to go that route purely on unitards, then I’d be Mork from Mork and Mindy.

Adam: (laughing) Oooh. How about A.L.F?

Lucas: Is A.L.F wearing a unitard though or is that just his skin.

Adam: Well, we don’t know.

Eric: It’s a onesie.

Adam: It might be one on his planet.

Eric: Okay, other one piece wearers.

Adam: The Fonze.

Eric: Yeah, he wore his garage outfit in earlier seasons.

Adam: He also jumped a shark in a one piece I believe, Evil Knievel style. Paul Stanley from Kiss. He has a lot of chest hair.

Eric: But that’s not a TV show.

Adam: No it’s not, but it could be, and they made a movie. It was great movie too.

Eric: Oh, I want to be one of the Voltron kids.

Adam: What about G-Force? Anyone remember G-Force?

Lucas: No.

Eric: Wait, is it Voltar or Voltron?

Lucas: Voltron. You’re thinking of Zoltar the fortune teller from Big.

Adam: I would like to be Death Stroke, from G.I Joe.

Eric: Good one.

Adam: Yes it is.

Eric: Who was the White Ninja?

Adam: (Before Eric even finishes asking) Storm Shadow.

Eric: I’d be Storm Shadow, that’s another great one piece. Not that this question was about which one piece wearing character would you be, but that’s what it turned into.

Adam: I turned it into unitard talk.

Eric: I think that is our answer, individually and collectively.

Q: Have you enjoyed meeting fans here at MCM? 

(Lucas begins, jokingly shaking head before the question is finished)

Eric: We have never actually met one (they all laugh throughout the answer). We hope there are some out there, but we’ve never actually met one. We hear that there are three people who watch the show, apparently they are somewhere in Estonia, but we would just like to say, to them three and a half people…

Lucas: One is a little person?

Eric: Yeah.

Lucas: Thank you.

Eric: That we really appreciate you watching the show.

Lucas: It’s really thanks to you three…

Adam: …and a half.

Lucas: That we get to do what we love.

Eric: There is one of us for each of you.

Adam: The half is for Emily, because she is smaller and friendly.

Eric: But, no, yes.

Lucas: What? No, yes?

Eric: Erm… no, yeah. Man I did it again.

Adam: Confusion.

Eric: We are very grateful that we get to meet the fans of the show and days like today are really fun. The Comic Con in New York, last year was the first time that we really got to experience the fans of the show, up close. We shoot the show in Nova Scotia and we really don’t get to hear or see what the fans think, but in New York last year we did a panel and it was an amazing crowd. We then did a signing, and we were all kind of shocked by how many people actually watch the show and love the show. We see it on Twitter, (points to Lucas) I know you’re not on Twitter, but Adam is now, and I see the fans on Twitter and it’s pretty humbling.

Lucas: Absolutely.

Eric: I don’t know about you, but am always sort of surprised.

Lucas: We have the best, if there was a fan contest for the coolest fans… in onesies

Eric: (To Adam) You saw it didn’t you? A fan of the show has the Guard tattoo on the back of her calf.

Adam: When fans are getting tattoos representing something from your show or product, then you know that you’re starting to strike on to something. For me it has been really fun over the last year and a half as I have started getting recognised as Dwight as apposed to Edge, which really blew my mind. I was like “Wow, you know Dwight, that’s awesome. So what do you think?” That for me that was a lot of fun. For 20 years you get recognised for this one thing and to then be asked about something else, that really blew my mind!

Lucas: If you ask them, “So, what do you think?” then you get your mind boggled because sci-fi fans and fans of our show are unbelievably precise. They have amazing theories about what is going on in this world and really put the time and energy into it.

Q: You got Downtown Abbey and Game of Thrones star Ian Glenn guest staring in this new season of Haven. What was it like working with him? And who would win in a fight between Game of Thrones, Downtown Abbey and Haven, and why?

Eric: That’s such an unfair question.

Lucas: Its obviously us, we all have super powers. We would kick all of their asses.

Eric: Downtown Abbey shouldn’t even be in there because they are very polite sweet people. We would not fight them, because we are gentlemen

Q: What if they began to fight dirty?

Eric: What, like pouring hot tea on us and stuff, throwing dirty bed pans at us?

Adam: Hot tea and bed pans?

Eric: All of a sudden, Downtown Abbey has become some kind of a prison.

Lucas: First of all, Ian Glenn was a real gentleman, a lovely man.

Eric: Handsome.

Lucas: Very.

Adam: Chiselled?

Lucas: Hugely chiselled.

Eric: (To Adam) You use that word in such a creepy way.

Lucas: Yeah. When you see the episode, you will realise, that in some ways no-one really got to work with him. But we all met him and hung out with him a little bit and he was an absolutely lovely chap and I wouldn’t want to fight him. I would have no reason too.

Eric: You wouldn’t have to fight him specifically; there are other people in Game of Thrones that we could fight. Personally I think I could take down Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones). I really think I could take him.

Lucas: I don’t know.

Eric: What? You’re right, I probably couldn’t.

Lucas: I’m not trying to call you a weakling or anything, it’s just that he is a really, really strong person and a great fighter.

Eric: You know who I could take though? That little king.

Adam: Joffrey

Eric: Yeah, I’d beat his ass.

Q: Adam, would you crack out some of the old WWE moves on them?

Adam: Nah, I wouldn’t need to. This forehead does a lot of damage.

Lucas: I’d just be standing behind those guys, drinking coffee and saying (leans behind Adam and in a high pitched voice shouts) Yeaaah!

Adam: I love that high pitched crack to that.

Lucas: (Shouts) Yeaaah! Get Dinklage!

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