New Character for New Super Mario Bros. U! Or perhaps not…

Following the revelation that New Super Mario Bros. U will feature the first seamless world map in a Mario game since Super Mario World, a picture of a new character has been released.

Yes, this is Nabbit. He will run around the world map, stealing things from Toads. If you catch him, you’ll be rewarded with a P-Acorn, a more powerful version of the Squirrel Acorn seen in trailers that will let you fly for endless amounts of time (like the P-Wing). Nabbit’s scarf looks awfully familiar though… Yoshi?

Nintendo has also announced the inclusion of several Challenge Modes in the game: Time Attack, Coin Collection, 1-Up Rally and Special, not including the Boost Modes which see the GamePad user placing blocks on the screen for the other players.

New Super Mario Bros. U is set to launch with the Wii U in the UK on November 30th.

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