Backwards compatibility to return to the PS3?

Backwards compatibility with PS2 games on Sony’s PS3 was initially only available with the first generation models (notably the 60GB launch model). It was a feature that was eventually removed with later slim models of the console. Now a job listing on PlayStation Jobs has started the rumour that it just might be coming back.

Sony is on the lookout for a PS2 Emulation Debug Engineer in Liverpool or London. They must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, be proficient in C/C++ programming, and have knowledge of PS2 subsystems from having worked on PS2 games. Could you possibly be the one that Sony are looking for?

It does seem feasible that maybe, just maybe, Sony are bringing back the ability to play PS2 titles on the next generation of PS3 consoles. Believe it or not, but games are still being produced for the PS2 (FIFA 13 was released for the PS2 in September). The other theory is that it could be for Sony’s PS4. Or it could just be to help get more PS2 classics available via the PlayStation Network store.

Backwards compatibility does play a part with Microsoft and Nintendo’s current consoles. The Xbox 360 will play ‘some’ Xbox games, while the Nintendo Wii will play all Nintendo Gamecube games (however this feature will be removed with the upcoming Wii U).

What are your thoughts? Is backwards compatibility important to you? Do you still have a shelf of PS2 titles that you’d like to play on your PlayStation 3?

Source: The Sixth Axis

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