Game of Thrones Season Three teaser poster and date

Okay, so it’s not much of a teaser poster. A date slapped on the book cover would offer up more information, but it is nice to have a date and that’s the 31st of March for those of you who don’t read American.

With the cast and crew still filming, it might be some time before we get even the smallest glimpse of footage. This is Game of Thrones after all and they will give nothing away.

It’s only this week that some casting news came to the surface. reports that Tim Plester will be playing Black Walder Frey and Alexandra Dowling will play Roslin Frey. There’s no saying for sure how large or small these parts will be, even if you have read the books, as things change in the translation over to television. At the moment Dowling’s part is only supposed to be a cameo.

Source: WinterisComing

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