Josh Trank-directed Fantastic Four reboot coming 2015

The superhero genre of movies, not to mention reboots, shows no signs of stopping in the next few years. Outside of Disney’s stable of Marvel movies and Warner Bros.’ stable of DC movies building up their cinematic universes (and to ultimate crossover movies in The Avengers 2 and Justice League), one can’t forget that Fox also holds the rights of some Marvel characters and continues to make their own brilliant adaptations as well.

Not long ago, Fox had found success with the fantastic X-Men: First Class, a film that made for a cool and sexy prequel to the X-Men trilogy. The X-Men franchise in general is a well Fox have been constantly going to with much success (X-Men Origins: Wolverine aside), more recently working on both The Wolverine (2013) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).

Outside of X-Men, Fox has another comic book series they own the rights to, Fantastic Four, and they’re looking to make more movies featuring this superhero team. There have already been two Fantastic Four movies, one in 2005 and its sequel, Rise of the Silver Surfer, in 2007. After that sequel, it was only natural that the franchise was left for a while, until ultimately a reboot was in order.

What can one say? Superhero movies are still hot right now, and any opportunity to make good on another franchise to generate new awesome content (as well as boatloads of money at the box-office) is a good one.

Most recently, Coming reports that the reboot to Fantastic Four now has a release date: March 6th 2015. Michael Green and Jeremy Slater wrote the script for the new film, but more importantly the director for the reboot is Josh Trank

For those not aware of my constant championing of Josh Trank, his directorial debut was a little film called Chronicle. Chronicle is definitely one of the best films out there that deals with superpowers without being attached to any existing franchise or strictly following a superhero-genre structure.

In fact, the way in which Chronicle plays out, one could argue that it has a sort of Fantastic Four feel to it. The characters have an experience that they go through, soon discovering that they come out of it with new abilities and then work together to try and learn how to use and control said abilities.

Of course, Chronicle takes a much more drastic Carrie/Akira twist, but still, it showcased just how well Trank can direct such a story, and will certainly be able to create a visual storytelling style that will work for a new Fantastic Four movie.

It’s very promising that Fox is giving Fantastic Four another chance. The first movie showed a lot of promise (not to mention giving Chris Evans the first of several comic book movies he would shine in) and this reboot shall hopefully put it more in a direction that evolve to be bigger and better.

If Fantastic Four can go the way of X-Men and be yet another hit for Marvel Comics characters, maybe someone will actually think to give Daredevil another serious shot.

One can dream…

Fantastic Four’s reboot is set for a March 6th 2015 release. There is no news on casting yet, but it will be directed by Josh Trank, and the script is written by Michael Green and Jeremy Slater.


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