Pokemon X and Y announced for Nintendo 3DS, releases worldwide October 2013

In the most recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata focused on the history of the main Pokemon games released on handhelds. The 11 minute-long video features Iwata giving us a quick history lesson in the evolution of the Pokemon titles, from the original Pokemon Red and Green (Pokemon Red and Blue being the western equivalents) on Game Boy, to the most recent releases, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 on Nintendo DS.

Iwata tied in several themes across the video, describing the evolution of the Nintendo handheld technology, and how gamers outside of Japan usually had a long wait before they could get their hands on localised versions (which has led many an overseas fan to import or emulate titles, further proving Pokemon’s drawing power).

The entire video led to an inevitable announcement: a new Pokemon game is coming, and it’s coming to the Nintendo 3DS. The games, Pokemon X and Y showcase the next evolution in Pokemon handheld titles, fully utilising the power of the Nintendo 3DS’ technology. You can watch the trailer for the games below:

Pretty cool stuff. As you can see, the game looks absolutely brilliant running on the 3DS, adding another dimension (quite literally) to the gameplay with battles now looking much more cinematic, harkening to the battles once only seen on the home console tie-ins such as Pokemon Stadium on Nintendo 64 and Pokemon Battle Revolution on the Nintendo Wii.

The 3D effect looks very well implemented, creating more beautiful environments for gamers to immerse themselves in while sticking to a smartly evolving gameplay formula they all know and love.

From the trailer we can also see several of the new Pokemon set for the game, including the three new starters of fire, water and grass, not to mention the legendaries that will no doubt feature on the game’s box art. Once again, the new Pokemon introduced will not be the only Pokemon you can see, battle and capture in the game, as the trailer of course incorporates series mascot Pikachu, not to mention several other Pokemon from the previous generations. There is no news as to whether the entire Pokemon back-catalogue can be captured in Pokemon X and Y, but given the technological limits, that wouldn’t be that unlikely.

Another big draw to this new release was that of Iwata announcing that the game would be available in not just Japan, but America, Europe and Australia come this October 2013, around a year after the release of Black 2 and White 2. This is some minor news that means a whole lot, as it means that fans worldwide will be able to get their hands on the game around the same time, and thanks to the 3DS they will be able to trade and compete against other trainers around the world at launch.

Overall it looks like the game is going to be yet another hit, continuing to mix the formula enough to not feel too stale, with an improved visual style that will certainly gather some attention from fans. With the Pokemon franchise already reaching over 200 million sales, there is no question that fans new and old are going to be drawn to this, the next step in the ladder of Pokemon appreciation and addiction.

But what do you all think? What’s your opinion on the trailer! Do you like the way it looks? Are you bothered about the 3D-stylings? What about the new starters; cool or derivative? Share your opinions!

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