Player-Created Guides Introduced for Steam

Valve has introduced the ability to make and share Steam Guides: player-created reference guides for individual games and software. They can be accessed in-game by opening up the Steam Overlay or by clicking on ‘Guides’ in any Steam Community Hub.

Your guide can be a walkthrough, a list of secret items, or just a selection of helpful tips. All you have to do is a Community Hub for any game or software you use on Steam and select ‘Create a Guide’. You can improve your guide by adding a table of contents, images, screenshots or videos. Once you’ve finished, you can publish it to make it instantly available to anyone in the Steam community.

In the past, I’ve found it annoying having to go to the web browser and typing in ‘Half-Life Walkthrough’ on Google (yes, I have to use walkthroughs occasionally. DON’T JUDGE ME!). Now, as soon as I open the overlay, I am instantly shown a selection of relevant guides.

You can find Valve’s explanation of it by visiting Steam Guides at the Steam Community.

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