Will We Be Getting A Planet Hulk Movie?

A reporter at the Latino Review posted a video on their site, explaining what was going to happen to the Hulk at the end of Avengers 2 and after that, in to phase 3. There’s no official confirmation and there isn’t likely to be for a very long time. However, Latino Review have been known to get the first scoop on big stories in the past.

Warning: Possible spoilers.

El Mayimbe explains that the plans (how they are at the moment) involve the Hulk being blasted in to space at the end of Avengers 2, either as part of the story or as a post-credit sequence. This will then take the Hulk to his own stand-alone movie based on the run of Planet Hulk comics.

The story begins when the Illuminati (a group of the most intelligent superheroes that meet in secret) decide they’ve had enough of the Hulk. They trick him in to getting on a ship that gets jettisoned in to space. The Hulk then crash lands on a planet where he becomes a gladiator who fights aliens.

According to Mayimbe the Hulk will be back in time for Avengers 3 which will be written around the story of World War Hulk. In the comics the Hulk returns to Earth with his new alien buddies to get revenge for sending him away.

So far the folks at Marvel have done a lot of forward planning but to say that they know the events of Avengers 3 seems a bit much. After all there’s a lot that can change between now and then, and for a while it seemed like Avengers 3 might be based on the Civil War storyline. But what do you think? Does it seem likely? Do you want to see a Planet Hulk movie?

Source: Latino Review

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