Bryan Lee O’Malley’s ‘Seconds’ Slated for 2014

Bryan Lee O’Malley, author of the popular Scott Pilgrim comic series, has said that his new project, Seconds, will not be out until 2014.

Seconds is an original graphic novel from Random House about a restaurant with the same name and the lives of its staff. It was due for release this year, but due to O’Malley injuring his shoulder last summer, it has been pushed back. He said this on Tumblr:

“I hurt my shoulder last summer and couldn’t work for a few months and unfortunately the book had to be delayed because of it. I’m back to work on it now, but it won’t be out until………2014……………”

Knowing him though, it will be well worth the wait. The Scott Pilgrim series has developed a huge, dedicated fanbase over the years, with a movie adaptation directed by Edgar Wright and starring Michael Cera released in 2010. If Seconds is anything like that, it will be hilarious, touching and bizarre. It probably won’t feature the Fairy Fountain music from The Legend of Zelda though.

Source: Comics Alliance

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