Trailer for Ghost in the Shell prequel Arise

Ghost in the Shell Arise (Mokoto)

A trailer offering the first look at Production I.G.’s Ghost in the Shell: Arise has emerged from Bandai Visual.

Overseen by Kise Kazuchika (an animator making his debut as a director with Arise), the newest series in the Ghost in the Shell franchise will consist of four 50 minute episodes. Taking place in 2027, the series is a prequel to Stand Alone Complex, featuring a younger Motoko Kusanagi.

There is no dialogue in the trailer, but it does feature some recognisable faces, expected action and the familiar sight of Motoko jumping off a building.

A translation of the text in the trailer is as follows:

The year 2027

Her name is Motoko Kusanagi.

Attached to the 501st Army Secret Unit.

Heavily Cyborg



Hope for the Future

What is the proof of my existence?

It all begins here.

It ends with some information regarding the first episode, Ghost Pain, which will be screened in cinemas across Japan this summer on June 22nd for two weeks. Select cinemas will also sell a Blu-Ray copy that includes a “scenario booklet”, which is available to purchase for ¥8,000 (which is about $85 / £54 / 165 Curly Wurlys). The retail release on Blu-Ray and DVD will follow on July 26th.

Also, up until February 20th, Bandai Visual’s GITS YouTube Channel is currently offering free episodes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (with subtitles). Unfortunately, licensing issues mean that certain countries have been locked out of this, including the US and UK.

There’s currently no word on a Western release yet for Arise, but the popularity of Ghost in the Shell means that it’s highly likely to get picked up.

Source: Twitch for the translation


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