Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 revealed


At Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal event this evening we were treated to our first taste of games running on the next generation console. Many of us saw it coming, there’s a new Killzone game coming to the PS4, but it’s not called Killzone 4 as many predicted.

The game is called Killzone: Shadow Fall and here’s what we know. Herman Hulst, Co-Founder of Geurilla Games started by talking about the game’s premise. Two factions living side by side, looking for a home that was somehow lost to them. He then proceeded to show off a live demo of the game, being played by someone onstage. How do we know it was being played live on a PS4? Well, because he used the PS4’s Share button to upload the gameplay footage to the Killzone Facebook during the conference.

Here’s what we can tell from that video. 1) Killzone: Shadow Fall is far enough along for us to see it in motion. 2) The Share button functionality seems to work and produces high quality gameplay videos with relative ease. 3) The new Killzone appears to be set at some point in the future based on the aircraft and buildings shown.

The game’s looking absolutely beautiful in motion. It’s difficult to know how this will compare to the final game but the fact the demo was real time is a very reassuring sign.

What do you think? Is this the leap above PS3 you were hoping for? Why do you think they avoided the name Killzone 4? Do you think the game will be available at launch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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