The Attitude Era WWE DVD Review

The_Attitude_Era_DVD_3DViewed by both fans and WWE Superstars alike as one of the most crucial points in the company’s history, The Attitude Era was a time when legends were born, rules were broken and boundaries were pushed to the point of collapse. So then is it any wonder that WWE has decided to release a DVD celebrating this period.

Billed as a collection that looks back at one of the most controversial and entertaining times in WWE history, the promise of something special and something worthy of that era is certainly implied. But is it delivered?

Simply put, no it isn’t. From the moment the disc loads you are treated to a very basic menu, where if the aim was to make you believe it was made in 1999, then it succeeds.

Moving on to the actual documentary and this is where the faults become ever more apparent. At just over 57 minutes long it lacks any real cohesion and therefore is best described as a collection of well-produced tribute videos, all of which are held together by a collection of tenuous seagueways. In fact to call it a documentary would actually be a disservice to some of the WWE’s previous and far superior releases, such as From The Vault: Shawn Michaels and even NWO Back In Black. On deeper analysis each of the segments seems to only give a cliff notes version of the particular person or event. What the viewer is left with is just a collection of clips edited together in quick succession with the occasional piece of commentary from a superstar of that era to back it up.

Speaking of the WWE Superstars used, here is where there is one ray of light. For a change the WWE have not used any of the top Superstars of today talking about why they were influenced by this period and instead stuck with only using key people from that era. What is further surprising is that the Superstars are also allowed to seemingly be frank with their views and as such you are treated to some often surprising opinions about what they thought worked and what they thought didn’t. However due to the segments being very short, the comments are limited in duration and so feel more like sound bites rather than informed comments. There is also the fact that periods, or people such as Y2J, are seen in footage but then not even given a segment or in fact a mention, therefore leaving out large chunks of that era.

What is even more surprising is the fact that the documentary fails to deliver, especially when a similar attempt in the recent WWE’13 video game manages to do a better job using almost identical footage and is even shorter. It is ironic then that a documentary on one of the most creative periods in WWE fails due to poor creative choices and a lack of direction.

Once you are done with the main documentary the set makes up some ground with the extras. We are treated to a mix of segments from the various shows, promo videos and full length matches, all of which are spread over two and a bit discs. The collection, whilst no means definitive, is certainly the highlight of the set.

One thing that is definitely worth a mention is the quality of the footage. Considering that in most cases it’s over a decade old, it’s nothing short of impressive. Crisp and clear, you would almost be forgiven for thinking it was from 2008 not 1998. Sure the picture is cropped, largely due to the fact that most of the content is from the pre widescreen era, so they have added a border to most of the footage, but this can be easily forgiven as there has clearly been an attempt to polish up the image.

That said all the extras and picture enhancements serve to do is further highlight how much of a missed opportunity the main documentary is. If you are someone who is new to the WWE universe and wants a casual look at this era then this DVD is for you. If however you are a long time WWE fan then this is not the set for you, unless that is you want to buy it for the extras.

The Attitude Era is out now on DVD and Blu-ray now from here and is priced from £19.99. For all your WWE DVD and Blu-ray needs in the UK visit the all new WWE site here

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