Under the hood of the PlayStation 4 – Specs

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Sony used their New York event to unveil their new console, the PlayStation 4. Unusually, for the announcement of a new console, the PlayStation 4 meeting event itself was notable for the complete absence of the console itself. Not only was the PS4 not there, but there wasn’t even an image (or even a hint) as to what it might look like. However, there appeared to be no shortage of footage of what the console would be capable of, with many developers coming on stage to mention just how powerful the console is in helping them realise their creative gaming ambitions.

Mark Cerny, the lead system architect of the PS4 said, “We wanted to hear from developers. We spoke to dozens of the best teams in the world. We wanted to know what was important to them. We wanted to make them happy. Our goal was to create an architecture that would facilitate the expression of their ideas.”

Cerney revealed that the console is based on, “supercharged PC architecture,” with an X86 CPU and an enhanced PC GPU, with Cerney adding that it “has almost two teraflops of computational performance.” It comes with 8 GB RAM and also a Blu-Ray drive. There will be a local HDD, but there was no indication as to size (though Cerny says it will be “massive”). As seen with the PS3, as well as the XBOX 360 and the Wii U, it’s certainly possible that there might be variations available at launch.

While the console does not “natively support” PS3 games, Dave Perry did mention during the meeting that, “The technology is so advanced that some day we could easily PS1, PS2, PS3 and the PS Mobile games on any device, including the PlayStation 4.” A tweet from PlayStation Europe states, “PS1, PS2 and PS3 games to be playable via the PlayStation cloud service.”

Dualshock4 ControllerWhile the console itself was a no show, the controller, the DualShock 4, did make an appearance. It will feature built-in PlayStation Move compatibility, a touchpad and a Share button so users can instantly share a gameplay clip. There’s also a head phone jack which they can use to connect a headset. According to Sony, a headset is to be bundled with the console so, “Gamers will also be able to chat with friends playing online, while hearing sound effects from the controller in hand.” 

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