The Top 100 Moments in Raw History – A WWE DVD Review

Top_100_RAW_Moments_DVD_3DAny TV show that manages to achieve over fifty episodes in today’s climate is considered an accomplishment, but to achieve over 1,000 episodes, well that is nothing short of record breaking. Enter WWE Monday Raw, the show that has not only achieved this feat but has also recently celebrated another milestone, its 20th anniversary.

So with those impressive figures to celebrate, it is no wonder that the WWE have decided to release a DVD/Blu-Ray that chronicles its flagship show’s best moments.

The menu itself is very basic and as such seems to be following a trend in recent WWE releases. Whilst disappointing, it’s understandable when you consider that the target audience for the product does contain an audience who will not likely want to waste any time on a flashy menu and instead will just wish to delve straight in to the product.

Speaking of the product, and it will come as no surprise when you bear the title in mind, that the premise for this release is simple; 100 clips stitched together by using a spinning number in lieu of any narrative. These little clips are in essence similar to the style that was used in the recent WWE home video release, WWE The Attitude Era, except where as in that release they did not suit the style they were used for, here they do fit the style quite nicely. The clips even go as far as to have interviews from the various WWE Superstars who were either involved in the clip, or whose favourite moment it was, or in some cases even the celebrities that were involved. This means that not only do you have comments from people such as Jerry “The King” Lawler, but also people such as Seth Green (Family Guy, Robot Chicken), Donald Trump and impressively movie star HUGH JACKMAN!

What is also good about this set is that the clips do seem to cover the whole 20 years that the show has been running, so you will find yourself watching clips that cover everything from the early 1990s to the modern day. Not only does this add a sense of nostalgia for the ardent WWE fans but also allows those newer fans a chance to see how and why WWE Raw is the TV juggernaut it has become.

The only negative side to all of these clips and indeed this format, is that you are never told who decided what made the top 100 and indeed who decided what positions each clip were placed in. Whilst I admit it is only a minor point, it does add a question of the validity of the rankings, especially when you have a clip that many consider one of the funniest moments in the show’s history – Degeneration X mocking the McMahon family – not making the top 10 or even the top 50. But as I said this is a only a minor gripe.

WWERawAnother impressive element of this set is the runtime, which weighs in at a staggering 7hrs 58minutes and the main countdown is supported by the 3hr spectacular that was the 1000th episode of Raw and a behind the scenes from that show. So in this respect, the DVD is certainly value for money.

On a technical level and as with the aforementioned WWE The Attitude Era, the various clips used in the countdown, despite not being in HD, have been restored and as a result the picture and audio both look and sound fantastic.

Perhaps the most important question, other than what is the number one moment on the countdown (you’ll have to watch the set to find that out), is whether it is worth spending £30 on it. The answer to that is YES. This is due to the fact that as the countdown goes on, the clips and indeed the style in which they have been created do draw you in to the spirit of the countdown. Before long you will find yourself excitedly waiting for the next clip in order to see what has been chosen and before you know it a few hours have disappeared.

The set also, unlike previously reviewed releases, manages to achieve what it is designed to do and as such gives you a look back over 20 memorable years of WWE/WWF Raw. Add to that an impressive collection of extras (the Blu-Ray set includes even more) and this is certainly worth spending that little bit extra than you normally would for a WWE DVD.

The Top 100 Moments in Raw History is available to buy now on DVD/Blu-ray here.

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