WWE Survivor Series 2012 DVD Review

Survivor_Series_2012_DVD_3DSurvivor Series – one of the big four pay per view events of the WWE calendar. The second longest running event after Wrestlemania – a tag team based PPV that all wrestling fans look forward to.

Survivor Series is enriched with history and this year’s is no exception! A main event featuring CM Punk defending his mammoth WWE championship reign against multi-time WWE champ John Cena and eager title shot monster Ryback. A traditional Survivor Series match between Team Ziggler and Team Foley. Sheamus battling with the mountain of a man Big Show for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Swedish IKEA loving Antonio Cesaro defending his title against R-Truth. Kaitlyn challenging Eve for the Divas Championship and Team Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Team Prime Time Players in an elimination tag team match.

The DVD itself is a fairly simple design as appears to be the case with most recent WWE DVDs. The menu is straightforward and very simple. It appears that in the wake of Blu-Rays taking over from DVDs, WWE has taken this to heart regarding special features, with the Blu-Ray featuring a plethora of special features, including highlights from Monday Night RAW 12th Nov ‘12 and Smackdown 16th Nov ‘12. From Monday Night RAW 12th Nov it features a segment of Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero accusing AJ Lee, Ryback vs Brad Maddox, Kane & the Miz vs Team Rhodes Scholars and a non title match CM Punk vs John Cena. The Smackdown 16th Nov includes Miz TV with Mick Foley, and Randy Orton & The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio.

The DVD however isn’t as lucky, the only feature is a fairly weak interview with CM Punk and Paul Hayman sharing their thoughts after the event.

The event itself is definitely what I would call a slow burner. The first match is a traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team match, Team Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Team Prime Time Players. Undoubtedly the weakest of the matches in my opinion. A standard to and fro tag match with no real stand out moments and a few too many mistakes on the wrestlers part. Something you wouldn’t expect from the calibre of wrestlers featured.

Without sounding like a huge sexist – most wrestling fans know not to expect too much from Diva matches apart from a little bit of T&A. I’d like to say this one is no exception BUT, for a Diva match, it does have one or two moments. Although not a very athletic match it does showcase Divas doing more than just slapping and pulling at each others hair.

Following on from the Diva match, Swedish meatball Antonio Cesaro defends his USA title against R-Truth. A fairly athletic match with one or two big hits but again this just doesn’t seem to really shine here. There’s nothing that stands out in this match at all with again one or two mistakes that seem very jarring.

Luckily after the USA Title match the event stars to pick up finally! Next up is the Irish brawler Sheamus against the giant Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship. As expected this is a slow and brutal match and it can be painful to watch for the punishment dished out. The calibre of matches now rises significantly and becomes what you would expect from one of the big four PPVs.

The second elimination tag team match between Team Foley & Team Ziggler is definitely a better showing than the first team tag match. It really does have some standout moments including a huge bump from Ziggler which is worth seeing! A highlight match for sure with plenty to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Finally the Main Event, a triple threat match with CM Punk defending his WWE Championship against John ‘U can’t C me’ Cena and ‘Feed me more’ Ryback. Most triple threat matches are always interesting to see. Who will team up? How long will that team up last? This one is no different and is great to watch. Without giving anything away – lets just say you might get a surprise or two throughout.

As PPV events go Survivor Series 2012 is not great but it’s not awful either. Distinctly middle of the road for sure. If you’re a casual WWE fan then I’d suggest getting your hands on the DVD as you’re really only going to be interested in the event itself. However, if you’re a WWE enthusiast, and you have a Blu Ray player of course, I’d opt for the Blu Ray for the sheer amount of special features that you get compared to the DVD.

Survivor Series 2012 is available from FreemantleMedia on 11th March priced at RRP £17.99 (DVD) and £19.99 (Blu Ray).

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