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Those of you with a 3DS may remember the name I Fight Dragons. When the Nintendo Video channel was still just a youngster finding its feet, I Fight Dragons’ music video for ‘Save World Get Girl’ hit the service (in full 3D) and went down a storm. The band revel in nerdery and video game culture, rocking up a storm with their wonderful mix of nerdy references, fast paced musical style and addictive lyrics. I was recently lucky enough to be able to talk to Brian Mazzaferri, the band’s lead singer, about their style, their upcoming plans and creating their signature video game inspired sounds.  

Laura: For those who are unaware, could you introduce yourself? Who or what are I Fight Dragons?

Brian: We are a mythical band of heroic proportions. We are also very humble. Perhaps the most humble band in the entire universe, and we’re not afraid to tell you so. Also we play pop/rock music crossed with chiptunes.

Laura: How would you describe your musical style?

Brian: We sound a bit like a robot toaster if it gained self-awareness and decided to form a band that played pop/rock music crossed with chiptunes, but then got kicked out and five guys from Chicago took over instead.

Laura: Who are your musical inspirations?

Brian: My favourite bands are Fountains of Wayne and Weezer. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Rush and yes, I know Chad (Drums) and Packy (Lead Guitar) love lots of classic rock and Wilco, Bill (Keyboard and assorted gaming hardware) loves classic pop like Michael Jackson, and Hari (Bass) is an old school metalhead.

Laura: Your music uses a lot video game system sounds. How do you go about sourcing those sounds? Do you find them in a database or sample them yourself?

Brian: We actually don’t use samples from games, we create original music on the old soundcards using software like Little Sound DJ and hardware like the MidiNES and occasionally software like chipsounds.

Laura: What do you think makes the old video game themes so catchy, compared to the music in newer games?

Brian: It was simpler by necessity, because the technology wasn’t as advanced, and thus it had to be really well crafted in order to work.

Laura: If you could open for any band, who would it be?

Brian: Weezer, Fountains of Wayne, Muse or Rush.

Laura: What can you tell us about your future plans?

Brian: Hopefully we will take over the world, or failing that, the country, or failing that, the tri-county area.

Laura: Lastly, do you have any final words for our readers?

Brian: Philately is an awesome world. Also Numismatics.

You can see more from I Fight Dragons at their website or on YouTube.

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