“The Freeman Chronicles” – A Fan-Made Half-Life Web Series Has A New Indiegogo Page

gogo-thumbs-14Last month it was revealed that there were talks between Gabe Newell and J.J. Abrams over a possible Half-Life or Portal movie. While there has been no confirmation of either of those two yet, Half-Life is still coming to the screen. Chariotdrive and Infectious Designer, two small-time movie companies, are joining forces to create a six-part web series set during the first Half-Life game called “The Freeman Chronicles”. Their previous fan-made Half-Life films, such as “Enter the Freeman” and “Beyond Black Mesa” were well-received all round, garnering praise from Valve employees such as Gabe Newell and Marc Laidlaw (writer of Half-Life). But The Freeman Chronicles is set to be even better and bigger, meaning it requires a larger budget.

That’s why this Indiegogo page has been set up. Fans of Half-Life are being encouraged to donate to support the project, with rewards ranging from downloadable wallpapers should you donate $5, to an appearance in the series if you’re willing to offer $3,333. As of writing they have raised $19,745 so far, so they’ve quite a way to go until they reach their goal of $75,000, but there is still time (though the Indiegogo page will only be up till the end of 3 April). 

The brief trailer and screenshots show Gordon Freeman walking down a corridor while the G-Man speaks in the background. There are also shots of Gordon fighting HECU helicopters and Headcrabs, and it looks pretty epic. The Indiegogo page promises “soldiers, helicopters, massive explosions, Vortigaunts, Tau Cannons, gun fights, Barnacles and hand to hand combat,” so if the project gets under way then Half-Life fans are in for a treat.

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