David Tennant and Billie Piper back for 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who


Just in time for the return of Doctor Who, the BBC announced that David Tennant and Billie Piper will be coming back for the 50th anniversary. They will be starring alongside current stars Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Up until now everyone’s been understandably tight-lipped about the whole thing or in some cases just didn’t know yet. Not too long ago David Tennant was interviewed by Jonathan Ross who (rightly so) was positive that something would be happening. Tennant confessed that he didn’t know anything and yet still had people from the BBC telling him to keep quiet.

More recently there were rumours of John Barrowman’s return but last Monday (March 25th) that rumour was squished. He told his Twitter followers that he would not be appearing in the 50th anniversary. This might come as a surprise to anyone that saw supposed Tweets from Steven Moffat on Tumblr but let’s just get something straight for a moment. Steven Moffat left Twitter and shows no signs of returning to it. So if you happen to see a Moffat tweet, just ignore it.

Another confirmed addition to the Doctor Who event was John Hurt who will co-star in the 3D special. That’s right. 3D. Steven Moffat had this to say on the subject.

“[We’ve got] a lot of different things going on. Don’t believe the nonsense about one 60-minute film, that is complete nonsense. We’ve got a lot of things coming up for that. I think [filming in 3D] poses every kind of logistical problem! It’s a proper old headache. But wouldn’t it be kind of awful if some other show was the first one to be 3D? It has to Doctor Who, hasn’t it?”

It feels as if Steven Moffat has done nothing but dispel myths and rumours while journalists try to talk to every single past member of the cast. It was only a few days ago that it seemed as if none of the old cast would be returning, with Moffat claiming that he wanted to look forward rather than look back. It could be that he meant he was simply keeping the fan-service to a minimum. Or he could be throwing us off the trail.

At this point it seems like David Tennant and Billie Piper are the only old actors who are returning. But which would you rather see, something nice and simple or a big-old multi-Doctor extravaganza?

Sources: BBC, CultBox

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