Altar Girl: Comic Review

Book01-Cover-largeAltar Girl is an online comic created by Kata Kane that replicates the style typical of shoujo manga. The plot revolves around a girl named Ashley who’s just the tiniest bit in love with a cute guy at school.

As hard as it is to be in love with someone who barely knows you exist, it becomes even harder when total strangers start to get involved. And not just any strangers, two of them are angels and one of them is a man brought back from the dead!

The web comic is currently midway through Chapter 3 and things are only just starting to get going. It has a good pace, never dragging too long but also never rushing to get to the next scene. It takes its time and allows you to get acquainted with the various characters.

Ashley is someone who seems to be struggling and yet isn’t prepared to let strange people rule her life (she can take care of that herself, thank you very much!) The guy she has a crush on seems nice but we’ve only seen him for brief moments.

So what’s the deal with the dead guy and the angels? Seth Charming is a man who died in the 1920s but was brought back to life thanks to a pair of angels and a mystical key-shaped necklace.

The necklace is one of a pair, with Ashley owning the other one. Because of their apparent connection the angels were able to bring Seth forward to the present. The explanation feels as if it could be filled out a bit more. It makes sense but it would be nice to get some more details on what’s going on.

Hopefully as the comic progresses the story will delve deeper into the magical elements and the real reason why Seth has been dragged to the present and brought back to life. But for now the story is sweet and engaging enough to keep your interest.

As for as the look of the comic, the artist has used the odd colouring cheat to fill in the blanks and it’s particularly noticeable when it’s used on clothing. However in most cases it simply adds to the charm. The style is consistent which is most likely thanks to this being a second draft. The artist has clearly found her style and is excellent at replicating the manga expressions and tropes we are all so used to seeing, particularly in shoujo.

A great deal of the humour and personality comes through the illustrations and are reason enough to give it a look. With its shoujo style, enjoyable characters, light-hearted tone and relaxed pacing, you’ll feel as if it came straight from the manga shelf!

You can find the online comic here and you can follow the Altar Girl Tumblr page here.

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