Nintendo explains why they are returning to existing franchises

Zelda1_62659_screenFollowing the announcement that Nintendo will be bringing a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past to 3DS, Nintendo’s director of product marketing, Bill Trinen, spoke to GameSpot about why Nintendo focus a lot on releasing games for existing franchises.

He explains that it’s not as simple as just deciding to make a new Mario or Zelda game. He said: “What we don’t do is start off and say we’re going to develop a new game in X series or what are we going to do with it? It’s really more about what is a fun and interesting new gameplay element or gameplay mechanic? How do we develop that? And then what kind of a character or what series is that really best suited to?” He went on to say that, “in a lot of the cases, if you’ve got an idea that’s really fun and really interesting, pairing that with, for example, Mario, then that takes a fun and interesting gameplay mechanic and puts it with a character that makes it instantly appealing to a very wide range of people.”

But that’s not the only reason that popular characters and worlds keep returning. “Of course the other approach is, as you frequently see with Nintendo Directs and announcements like this, when we do announce something like a new Yoshi’s Island, there’s a tremendous fan reaction to that because they want it,” said Trinen.

He does acknowledge however, Nintendo’s desire to provide gamers with totally new experiences as well. “You do on the one hand want to try to find a way to bridge that gap between what are the new experiences that we can offer? How can we give the fans what they’re looking for in terms of new installments in existing series? And it is a balance that you’ve got to find,” he said.

I do not see a problem with Nintendo continuing to bring new installments to old franchises. Nothing gets fans quite as excited as a new chapter in their favourite series, either because of nostalgia or because they know that it is going to be fun. And besides, Nintendo is hardly alone in recycling old franchises. Sequels and reboots make money, and every game developer and publisher in the world knows this. So while fairly similar iterations of Call of Duty continue to be released every year, we can hardly blame Nintendo for going back to Mario, Zelda and Metroid.


Source: Gamespot

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