Is Robert Downey Jr. Coming Back as Iron Man?


This is the big question that everyone wants to know the answer to right now. While he’s been doing the rounds for the various premieres, an interviewer asked if he would be acting as Tony Stark again. His reply was something along the lines of, “Well I wouldn’t want anyone else to do it.” But don’t get your hopes up just yet. He’s also made it clear in other interviews that he feels he should be stretching himself as an actor and searching out new roles.

The latest news on the topic comes from Digital Spy who interviewed Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man 3. When asked about his possible return he said, 

“I just don’t know. I’m having a good time, you know what I mean? I just dislike it when people say one thing and then do something else. I don’t know why, I’m a stickler for it.”
“Today, I would say I’d be happy to continue and I’d be a little nervous and a little depressed, but I would capitalise on not doing it too.”

He also made a mention to his wife Susan Downey who had apparently scolded him for announcing things too early in the past.

Going off what we know so far it seems like there could be two possibilities for what’s going on right now. The first is that RDJ is simply undecided on what he wants to do. It sounds as if he’s happy playing Tony Stark forever but also thinks he should probably start doing something new.

The second possibility is that he has decided himself to come back but nothing’s been signed yet. After all, Marvel is very strict on their actors giving things away too early. Only recently Samuel L Jackson shied away from a question, claiming he didn’t want Marvel‘s wrath to come down on him for saying too much.

Obviously Robert Downey Jr. can’t do this forever and ever, but it would certainly be good to see him in one last Avengers movie at least. And just because we like to spoil you, here’s a fun clip of Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow doing press for Iron Man 3 in France.

Source: Digital Spy



  1. NKovari says:

    What exactly is going on in that video?

    • They’re being interviewed in French and RDJ was getting a little annoyed that Gwyneth Paltrow was showing off her French skills when he doesn’t speak a word. Then he has to sit and wait while someone translates eeeeverything he says back to the audience.

  2. Red Dave Pirate says:

    Hmmm.. not sure why he couldn’t keep doing the character for ten more years really… Canon-wise, Tony has traditionally been a middle aged character anyway for most of the series’ run since the ’60s (billionaire arms manufacturer/ inventor/ industrialist) and nobody seems to mind that Nick/ Samuel is 64 (or that Steve Rogers is around 98 :p ).
    Physically, Downey’s in excellent shape and financially, Marvel/ Disney might want to keep us ‘oldies’ on board a while longer. They’ve got Evans; Johannsen and Hemsworth keeping the kids happy, why not Ruffalo, Jackson and Downey for the rest of us?
    In terms of whether he wants to do it… yep. He does. It’s writen all over his body language. IMHO, the delay is partly good media management and partly negotiations over salary. There’s a reason he got the BIG bucks for The Avengers, folks…

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