4Minute Release “What’s Your Name?”


On 25th April 4Minute finally released their new music video and single What’s Your Name along with the release of their new mini album. We previously reported on the teasers and hype for the new release and was very excited to see what new style in both music and fashion the girls could bring. I’m happy to say that they have not disappointed.

4Minute are back with a sexy, edgy concept for their fourth mini-album Name is 4Minute. The album incorporates a variety of music styles including hip-hop, rock, electro and even blues. Working with music producers Brave Brothers on their released single, there is an element of similarity that kpoppers around the world are used to hearing when Brave Brothers produce a song for a Kpop artist. There is a very prominent drum beat mixed with some amazing sound clips, sirens, dogs barking and the use of computer game chip tunes to bring the fresh and modern sounds together. The music itself is repetitive and consistent. The only change happens at the chorus where the use of a guitar brings a rock element to the track.

As for the theme of the video, it seems the girls embarked on a innocent stroll through a very colourful Korean street bustling with good looking male and female backing dancers. Must say the police officer and builder looked very suspicious to me! Suddenly the bright colourful yet slightly gangsta-ish set turns into a zombie movie, things get creepy and the people we saw gracing the streets are suddenly covered in UV paints, ready to get a groove on and spill some UV painted brains on the dance floor.

The sets are visually stunning as they capture the eye with their bright colours and give a sense of fun, something that can be referenced with the girls personalities. As expected with any Kpop music video, the clothing is funky, fresh and totally rocking with a clash of colours and accessories, once again showing the playfulness of the song which really compliments the music and lyrics.

So there we have it. I was excited for their comeback and can honestly say I was not disappointed with the outcome. But what do you think? Was it what you were expecting? Would you have changed it in any way? Be sure to check out the video below and show a little support for 4Minute.

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