SHINee release “Why So Serious?”


After the release of their latest album The Misconceptions of Me, the repackaged album was just around the corner and fans were just as excited to see what new styles the SHINee boys would bring with the release of Why So Serious? The song is a follow up to their previous release of Dream Girl and features yet another zombie theme within the video.

The choreography for the music video has been dubbed as the zombie dance which was created by renowned choreographer Devin Jamieson, who also worked with Super Junior for their Sexy Free and Single release. With the zombie concept kept in mind the video is constantly showing a dark room, very surgical, but then displays the opposite side to the boys by showing an angelic white and pure version. The fashion of the boys has caused a huge stir in the UK Kpop fan base, with the use of the Union Jack on their clothing. Previously with their label mates Super Junior they represented the countries they were going to visit using their clothing. Could this be a big hint as to a destination SHINee may be visiting in the near future?

20130425_shinee_whysoseriousThe song itself is a mash up of what sounds like four different styled songs and is definitely something completely different to what’s usually expected from SHINee. It is rocky, loud, obnoxious and expressive. It has a slight resemblance to Run DMC & Aerosmith’s Walk This Way; with two or three tunes you will be humming after hearing the song. It’s one of those songs where you listen the first time and you’re not sure if you absolutely love it or just don’t know. If that’s the case with you then I recommend giving it an hour or so before watching it a second time. This was how I made my decision on the song, coming to the conclusion that I really like this new direction the boys are heading.

It’s very obvious to many SHINee fans (and fans of Kpop) that there is one member missing from the music video. Unfortunately member Jonghyun could not film the video due to a car accident prior to the recording where he had broken his nose and needed an operation to correct it. As many who have broken a nose will know, I don’t think any form of make up could cover the amount of pain and bruising it causes. Let’s hope Jonghyun has a speedy recovery and joins the boys in their promotions very soon.

It was a risk for SHINee to go off in a whole new direction, but I think it shows their growth as a group, usually associated with being the ‘Teeny Boppers’ of Kpop. It not only proves to the listeners and watchers that they are no longer little boys, but it also shows their growth as they explore different music genres and experiment by mixing their favourite styles together. It also seemed to me that they had a more hands-on approach to the new repackaged album, which seems more personal between the performer and the fans.

Below is the official music video for Why So Serious? Why not give us your thoughts? Are you liking the direction SHINee are now going? Or would you rather they stay in their colourful matching attire and play the teeny bopper card?


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