LOEN Entertainment Introduces “History”


LOEN Entertainment are well known for being behind the great K-pop performers IU, Ga In, Zia, Sunny Hill and Fiesta but back on Aprill 11th they announced that they would be debuting their first ever all male group under the name History. LOEN had stated that History is an ‘alternative group’ that is not defined by a specific genre but rather by their passion for music. The group will go beyond the standard sound and performances and establish a new paradigm in K-pop”. LOEN began the ball rolling by releasing a series of trailers titled ‘Real Dating Tip Book’ to show how one should and should not be when dating. The first trailer enlisted the help of solo singer IU where she asks, “Do you know us? Do you know me?” An unseen male repeats, “Do you know me?” The exact purpose of IU and her role in the debut of History was a complete mystery, as it was previously announced that soloist Son Dambi would be the main female in the music video.

What followed was a mini series of personal trailers which seem to be going down the comedy road, something the K-pop scene has been missing. Starting with member Kim Si Hyung, the first trailer is titled Spirit after he is described as a courageous man, though there are a few things to look out for in this trailer, such as the slap – that’s got to hurt! Korean TV show ‘Birth of a Great Star 2′ introduced us to our second member Jang Yi Jeong, whose theme is Moderation – to attract his girl he demonstrates that hand gestures can help draw in the girl, but too much of it can be overwhelming and become an instant turn-off. 

The third member is Song Kyung Il in a hilarious trailer entitled Sweat. In the most comedic way possible he explains how the amount of sweat and where the sweat is produced can increase or decrease a girl’s attraction in a man. The first part of the video is how to “properly sweat” and the last half shows a very unattractive way of sweating. Fourth member up is Kim Jae Ho, who demonstrates in trailer Wealth that paying for their dates and signing for the bill will definitely work to a man’s favour, but showing off too much may actually ruin your chances at scoring a date. The last fifth member, Na Do Kyun, was originally a vocalist under ballad rock band Buzz, but has now debuted with History. In his trailer he shows that having consideration for the girl you like can never go wrong, you are sure to get the girl no matter how much consideration you show. Coincidentally this trailer is called Consideration.

To stop all the teasing LOEN Entertainment released the music video to Dreamer on April 25th to the delight of fans. The song describes a man’s efforts to capture the heart of that special girl in his life. It also features a narration by IU, and information was released that the rap was written by Sunny Hill‘s Misung. I was personally excited for this release, and was looking for some comedy within the music video, but as soon as I heard the vocals with the backing music, I forgot all thoughts of caring what was in the video and instantly fell in love with their vocals.

History have covered all areas of what makes a boy group lovable, from shining personalities, great looks, perfect vocals and talent. And what would a K-pop video be without being full of bright lights, colour and great dancing. Visually and musically this is possibly one of the strongest debuts to come out in 2013 so, and if the guys keep going in this direction, I don’t see why they won’t be a big hit in the future.

Check out the video below, and tell us who your favourite member is? What part of the video do you like? And what do you think about this kind of music?

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