Michael B. Jordan Could Be The Next Human Torch


It’s been reported that Michael B. Jordan is in talks to play Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot. He’s most famous for his role in Chronicle as one of the male leads who gained psychic powers, so he’s already familiar with green screen and wires. And his character in that wasn’t so far from the jokey nature of Johnny Storm.

It’s also interesting to note that the director behind the next Fantastic Four is Josh Trank who also worked on Chronicle, so the pair already have a great relationship. According to TheWrap, the only issue at the moment is whether he will have chemistry with the other cast members.

Now the big question; if Jordan is cast, who will play Susan Storm? There are rumours that it might be Allison Williams but this would mean having two siblings of different races. If that’s the case then we might see some tweaking with the story (such as making one of them adopted), but as long as the ideas of family are firmly in place then we’re all good.

If Jordan’s casting turns out to be true then this would mean a huge step forward to having more equality for people of colour in big blockbuster movies. After all, Johnny Storm is white with blonde hair and blue eyes in the comics and was last played by Chris Evans. We might already be seeing black superheroes in the shape of War Machine and the Falcon, but they’re typically side-characters. And this would be the first time that one of the main heroes would have a change of race.

Mark Millar, the creative consultant at Fox has already said some good things about the tone and style of the reboot, saying it contains “Ridley Scott moments”. So things seem to be heading in a very new and different direction for the Fantastic Four team, which should help distance them from the all-too average movies of a few years ago.

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