Asda slashes price of Nintendo Wii U down to £149

Wii U Basic Set BoxSupermarket chain Asda has reduced the price of Nintendo’s Wii U console as part of a Bank Holiday sale this weekend. The Basic Pack is now down to £149, with the Premium Pack reduced to £199. They have also reduced the price on a number of games and accessories.

Asda had previously knocked £50 off the price of both Wii U models back in March. The latest cut means that the console is now selling £100 cheaper than when it was launched back in November.

Amazon UK has swiftly followed suit by matching the price of the Basic Pack to £149. However, the Premium Pack has only seen a slight reduction to £278.99 (it was previously selling for £287.67). Retailer Base has also responded by reducing the price of the Wii U, selling the Basic Pack for £149.99 and the Premium Pack for £199.99. The cut manages to bring the price of the Basic Pack in line with Nintendo’s 3DS handheld.

It was widely reported some days ago that Nintendo’s Wii U had been suffering slow sales. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata had admitted that one of the reasons for this was the lack of first party games available. During a financial results briefing, Iwata mentioned that the Wii U “took off smoothly in the holiday season, but due to the lack of new software titles, we were unable to maintain the momentum this year.” Iwata attributed this to “longer-than-expected intervals between software releases.” He added, “We were faced with the alternatives of taking time to refine our products or launching them without too many intervals, and after careful consideration, we selected the first option because we believe that from a mid-and-long term perspective it is more important to improve customer satisfaction with each game.”

If you were on the fence about purchasing a Wii U, will this new price point sway you into purchasing one? Maybe you already have a Wii U – what are your thoughts on the price cut?

Source: MCV

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